VIII - ConfessionsMature

I don't know if I should keep on telling you this... You've probably wondered why I didn't seem worried about my family, having been missing for quite a while. I can explain but just know this; It hurts telling it to other, feeling their pity on you. Shit...

Should I continue? head or tail. Head I quit. Tail I continue. Chance or rather fate, is the universe’s way of guiding you. i trust it's hands.

In the air the coin flips, taking forever to fall back on my hand.

Tail. I go on.  But keep your pity 'kay?

I might've been just a random person in the crowd of faceless persons as an adult but that had been after I'd "fixed" the shite that had went on in my life. I was born the eldest of three children with a sis called Joelle and a brother call Martin.

One side of my family, the maternal one, were Americans, but my grandma was a Cherokee descendent which probably explained by skin tan, I don‘t know.  The other side were Canadians. French Canadians mind you, hence my name Lachance.

It's was all fun and nice until the shit hit the fan. The parents started arguing, I was in the early teens at that point. My brother a year below me and my baby sister was barely beginning school.

In the end they drifted more and more apart until my pa just got enough and left. Never coming back. Stuck with three kids, a divorce and years of accumulated abuse, she just couldn't stand it anymore. She plunged into alcohol but it wasn't enough to forgot. Then came the drugs.

Despite this we grew up. I managed to support the family as best as I could, working under the table and so did my brother. Eventually we found our mother dead, in the corner of our room a needle jabbed right in the arm. I had just reached 18 by that point so I took the responsibility for them, it was hard, really fricking hard.

 In the end, the worse hit was Jo, she was just beginning high school without any support from her parents with brothers that were overworked, so she just looked for approval where she could. You know what I mean?

So she fell in with the wrong crowd, you know, the one that's cool and gives you free hits but when you're hooked they start charging... And not always in cash. She fell into the same shite as our Ma. At the same time, My brother, now an adult just stormed out, incapable of enduring this any further. With him out of the pic, he had moved to California. I was alone with Joelle.

I tried to help her quit, get her docs but she wouldn't cooperate. Then, she disappeared too. The police never found where she had gone to. It was doubtful they cared about just another of these "damns druggies."

I was all alone now. I tried to find her but never did. It was about three years before that point in my story...

Alright…You know...I think I need a moment... I'll be back...

The End

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