VII - Down the rabbit hole.Mature

The next time I woke up, I could feel a warm breeze wash over me, caring sweet floral scents, the aroma of salt water and the music of wildlife. I felt good, the pain was gone.

Slowly my eyes opened and I gazed around. I was laying on the examination table that despite being clearly metallic was soft like jelly. The room was circular and metallic, nine columns made of the same metal ran along the walls, all through them were small relief, showing what looked like traditional mythological scenes.

It was only when I slid off the table and put my feet down I noticed the room was partially submerged by warm sea water, up to knee length, which soaked the clothes I had been put in, a white cotton pants and a matching tee. I had also been left barefoot.

An opening in the wall invited me outside, where rectangular stairs floated in the air, leading up to the edge of a cliff. One I reached the edge of it, I could see that the room I had been in was from the outside saucer shaped and rested laying on the calm ocean surface despite the waves crashing into it.

I didn't know how long I had been out all this time, and no one was in sight to provide answers. So I climbed the stairs that lead onto the nearby cliff into a plateau where a small churchlike building was waiting for me. The trees around us proudly displayed the colors of autumn, yet the temperature remained sweet and just perfect.

I walked right into the building, where the doors had been left open. A glass table occupied the center of the room, where on both side walls were elaborate tapestries. I recognized instantly what was waiting for me on that table.

There, were the same ritual tools I had found in the cabin, except they shone in the candle light, the wood of the staff had regained it's color as well as it's tip and feathers. All of these surrounded the Grimorium Mundi. Which was in the same shape I had found it that night.

I wore no backpack nor did my clothes posses any pockets.I left it all there except the book. With the tome in hand, I passed into the next room which was a loft like apartment, On the near side of me were a study and a kitchen. The back of the room featured two bedrooms, separated by oriental screens. The last piece of the house was a bathroom, the only room that had been truly separated from the rest.

The shocking part of this was the modernity of it all, It was all in glass and black metal, with electricity and running water, contrasting heavily on the old gothic architecture.
I went to one of the bedroom, looking through the drawers and closet. Which I found full, they bursted full of them. My clothes...

"What the..." I murmured.

"I thought it would be important for you to have your equipment at hand, Sir." Spoke a formal but unrecognizable voice.

Surprised I turned around ready to defend myself, adopting a defensive position, fist raised. Behind me, In a black gentlemen's outfit was something. It was humanoid in shape but translucent, only the edge of it were visible by a rim of white. The creature looked like it was made out of jelly...

"My apologies for startling you sir. I was simply here to answer your queries." The being spoke,

"Who are you?" I asked dubious

"The housekeeper of your sanctum."

"My what?"

"Sanctum, your haven, your home, your retreat. Need I go on?" He spoke without any shred of sarcasm.

"I mean why is this my sanctum?"

"A bonus of the profession. These lands belong to the keeper. That would be you."

"And you are my servant?"

"Precisely. I am here to obey your every commands."

"You... don't need to do that you know."

"I insist."

Just as I was going to speak, the grimoire-me decided to chime in.
"Phantasmal servant as they are called, are spirits of order. They receive a positive feeling every time they obey a command. Sort of like an orgasm actually.-"

Great. An obedience junkie. Junkie... That word, bringing back horrible and painful memories to mind that I pushed away.

"Do I have to tip you? How can I do that?"

"I appreciate the attention. But my constitution already pays for serving you."


"Chiminage. One service must be repaid with one of equal or greater value. This, is the law
of spirits. The word comes from an old law of paying a toll to pass through a forest."

"I see. Listen I'm new to all of this, what exactly is my job?"

"My protection of course." the book added.

"As the keeper you are free of actions so long as you protect the word and the sanctum."

"The word?"

"The word of the worlds. It is one of many such books." He added.

"The preface spoke of two other tome, the word of the spirits and the word of forces"
the grimoire added.

"So I can do anything?"

"As long as you do not break these constraints, yes."

"Thank you... eh..."

"Phantasmal servant"

"You don't have a name?"

"I do not."

"Do you mind if I call you Edward?"

"No I do not..." I saw a slight shiver run across his ectoplasm, probably the reaction the book spoke of.

"Thank you for your help. I have things to do." I claimed, grinning...

The End

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