VI - Baby's first steps.Mature

Pain came rushing back to me, the airs coming back into my lungs came across as a tremendous shock. I lazily opened my eyes, which was an considerable effort in my current condition.

My entire body and mind felt numb, more so than when I had been on morphine at the hospital after an accident, except it didn't numb away the pain that ran across my torn muscles and bones.

The rain had stopped, but the late October wind chilled me to the bone, rendering the situation even worse than it was already. I was dying, no doubt about it.

"Indeed you are. Also it is now November. Regardless, you have to move or you will perish."

"I can't... " I tried to mutter the sound never leaving my throat. Even avoiding to make a smart-ass comment, things were that bad.

"The book must be kept safe. You swore to.

While Physically moving is not yet a possibility, There is an alternative. You have felt it before, the direction that cannot be pointed at, the 4th spatial dimension."

"But how...?" I asked weakly

"Remember the lessons,  The four steps, the soft touch of the dimensional shroud. Thy will be done."

I brushed aside the pain as best as It was possible, I focused on the previous night's feeling and lessons. My left hand moved across the air, still trembling, I called the power, taking several attempt to do it. After minutes of laborious efforts, cracking energy surged from my hand.

I swept down, my nails literally tearing a passage in reality. A passage to someplace else, preferably safe, but I didn't have any other options. My finger caressed the rift in space and I willed myself beyond it.

The passage was different, I didn't just appear on the other side, flicks of lights and alien memories passed by me as my body passed through a gelatinous buffer zone in between. The crossing probably took only an instant but felt longer, not that I mattered for that time in transition shortly removed the pain as my body adapted to a new level of reality and existence.

But it all came back, just as I landed softly on the ground, on a tender patch of long herbs that still displayed the color of summer. It was neither cold nor hot. Just alright. Both my body and mind trembled powerfully by the effort. It was over, I had used all that was left in me...
I closed my eyes and waited. Somewhat at peace despite the circumstance... What were my last thoughts? Pink Floyd...

"Goodbye cruel world
I'm leaving you today
Goodbye, all you people,
There's nothing you can say
To make me change my mind.

My eyes slowly shut... and curtains!
                                                                         ---The End---

Arms grabbed me, they did it so softly but it still hurt me insanely. They dragged me somewhere else, and set me down on a padded table or a couch. I couldn't tell, my eyes had closed and I could be bothered to open them.

"Can't you just leave me in peace?" I raged to myself. "I'm done for. Just stop... Please..." I was alright with the Idea of dying. beside the mat was really comfortable...

I do not remember what exactly they did, but I was fairly certain they were doing some kind of operation to save me from death... Or just harvest some second hand organs. The pain of the day now was accompanied by the surgeon's pain.

It lasted a long time, I slipped into unconsciousness, then sometime latter back into a semi-conscious state then back to sleep and so on. It was only after the fourth or fifth brief period of consciousness that I managed to gather strength to open my eyes.

Standing over me operating, were tall, thin whitish gray figures with bubbly black eyes with a disproportionate head.

"Great... I've been kidnapped by greys..."

"Their actual name is Ruamano. They are know in Mah--"

"You mind canning it for later? if there's such a thing as later at all." I spoke internally, not in the mood for lectures or voices in my head.

"They are beings of healing. Often seen as mako sharks. In modern times however they prefer a more relatively inconspicuous appearance."

Greys weren't my idea of inconspicuous, but it was a notch above sharks. Knowing that at least I was in good hand then, I sled back into sweet slumber, dreaming of music and peace as I laid comfortably on the cresent moon above the earth, away from the noise and trouble.

Treatment continued it's cycle. I had no way of knowing how long it had been going but I guessed it had been a very long while. I had probably been reported missing. I didn't care. I was just happy to be resting, calmed by the alien's sweet pain killers...

Good times.

The End

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