III - Creeping shadowsMature

Three, Make that four actually, of them came in going right through the walls. Humanoid shadows, their form twisted by anger and sorrow, covered in strange marks of different somber colors and shape. In from of me were four ghosts... Different marks and hues on each one that went, Purple, Green, Red and Blue. THey let out a slow, continuous moan that filled the cabin.

"They are called wraiths" Came a voice in my mind. I felt no need to ask who or what it was. It was the grimoire that was speaking to me, pouring gradually it's content into a mind that couldn't handle it all without shattering, I could feel it, I knew it deep inside of me.

The purple colored one slowly came toward me first unthreateningly, he didn't walk nor shamble, he merely slid effortlessly through air toward me.  I backed off into the alter but my astral senses met up with the empty gaze of his absently gazing black and purple eyes (Just like it's skin was), I was invaded with alien thoughts and memories...

I saw the man, rather the boy's life. He was a good kid, had a love for music, writing and performing. I saw the sweet moment that had marked him. But I also felt the painful one. His first lover, the problem of his parents and finally, his death.

He was 14. He was happy, happy with the world, happy with himself. But it didn't last. Sometimes, kids can be cruel. They didn't hate him because of who he was, but for who he loved... Even his father didn't approve of him, Dominic, his boyfriend... That was until he couldn't take it.

I fell on my knees, overwhelmed by the harrowing emotions of his death and tormented life, when he couldn't handle it anymore. I looked up, to him, Purp-- No, Mickey, I stared at him, my vision blurring, a warm and humid feeling running down my checks

I looked at the other, my mind's eye connecting to their souls. First,I saw Mary, the single mother, killed in an accident, leaving her kids behind into their abusive uncle's "care". Her marks that ran across her body were dreary blue.

"Why are they all differents colors?" I asked to myself.

"The marks represent the passing. The color, the feelings that keep them here."

"Thank you voice in my head." I muttered, barely above a whisper.

I saw James, the bright red one, a man assassinated by his wife's lover. His own brother, the same brother who had overtaken his entreprise. He had exploded into anger, finally ending up beaten to death...

And finally was Julianne who had passed after being hit by stray shots in a failed assassination attempt by a group of gangsters. Leaving an already depressed husband to join her... She hadn't understood what happened, her dead being thankfully instantanous.

They were desesperate, sadden, angry and lost in a mist of confusion,  but they were in grave need of help (pun not intended). I had been a beacon to them. Like a fire in the distance they saw my awakening, as I became part of the universe as a whole and radiated energy across the veil. They surrounded me as I slowly rose. It was stupid. I couldn't let them take over.

"Help us" they claimed psionically.

"I don't know if I can..." I whispered

"Let us into you, be our carrier" They pleaded, demanded, begged...

Deep inside I knew this was bad, very bad, but I couldn't just let them to rot here,  for eternity, stuck in a world that they could never interact with until their angst turned to rage and  then into madness. I had to chose; risk my life or lose my integrity, my humanity.

Well shit, I mean, what was ONE life to save four persons' souls from perdition?

"Come" I concedded "Let me heal you..." I didn't know if I could. But had to try...

One by one, they merged with my body, a cold sensation painfully creeping across my being every time. I had sensed the pain they had felt, now I lived it... Every excrusiating bit of it across every fiber of my body, mind and soul.  I fell down on all four overtaken by their emotions, crying, my vision notblurring but blackening, dark goo dripping from my eyes.

Slowly, the cold spot ran up, from the coccyx to the pelvis, across the stomach, then the hearth, the throat, the pineal gland and finally the crown of the head.

"The location of the Chakras, they form a path and connection between body and soul, they nourish the energy that fuels the body, the mind and the spirit" Claimed the voice.

They passed through me, begining with Mickey, ending with James, the Red. As he crawled through the spiritual and metaphysical center of my being, I felt the dismal cold spread all through my entire body, making me shiver uncontrolably, forcing more of the black goo out, vomitting onto the ground.

He wasn't going to leave!

What did I knew about psychic defense? Pretty much jack. Disturbingly, the grimoire remained quiet.

HELP! I sreamed to the grimoire who remained silent...

The End

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