II - Grimorium MundiMature

The book, the grimorium mundi or the book of worlds in english was unlike anything I had ever read or seen. I had no proof that it wasn't bound by mere leather, but by the skin of something else, something from another place, another time. It was just a feeling, but deep down I believed it was real.

All it's page were of a near translucent tanned skin, written on in darkened red ink (Or maybe it wasn't ink.) The age old tome hadn't been written in english, or in roman alphabet either. 

All over it's pages were glyphs or runes, or sigil. I would learn later, that they were in reality Sumerian cuneiform. For quite obivious reasons, I didn't know the language but at the time, that didn't matter as the symbols literally flew out of the book, going strait between my brows...

Letter by letter, word by word, the books content and meaning imprinted itself upon my mind or was it spirit?. Mechanically, my hands flipped the page one by one. When I finally reached the second cover, I only then realised my body was shaking from the physical stress, cold sweat running down my borehead, soaking my hair and I was overcame by vertigo, sending me down, laying against the stone altar, breathing deeply.

Twelve hours. That's the time it took me to read the damn thing and I had stood strait for that time, oblivious to the passage of time or the pain signals emanating from my tired, overworked body. 

Even tought my body was painfully aching from all around, completely exhausted and sick, my mind was effervescent as if a gapping abyss of ignorance in my psyche had been filled when I opened up that tome's content. A new dawn of understanding began for me.

I saw what I had missed all my life, the pattern in the ether, I saw or rather felt it, a pattern in the chaos of the room; a circle, a square and runes hidden amongst the rubbles of the cabin, all bursting with energy I could see plainly with my new sense, waiting to be released

Calling it a third eye would be misrepresenting it, I didn't just see, I felt, I smelled, I tasted and heard the rumbling of power.You could say I litteraly heard the light.  Altought I didn't know much about the spell or magic hoodoo thingy that had been laid there, I could feel it, it's sweet taste with a bitter aftertaste with a slow continuous hum floating in the air, providing the only sound in the now supernaturally quiet woods.

Inside I understood why my uncle gave this to me, he knew this couldn't ever fall into wrong hands, So he needed someone to hold it, he trusted me. But others couldn'-- No. never ever, should take possesion of it... It was my responsibility to safeguard it. And I trully and fully understood the implications that thing entailled.

I could now feel the power flowing freely all through the universe, I could move it easily with my will, like I had been doing it all my life. I could see glimpses of the past, the emotions that had left behind, imprinted on the astral plane. I could touch the shroud of this dimention, getting brief glimpse of what might have lied beyond it. I understood thing I had never been taught...

But what was in the book? I couldn't remember a damn thing about it, only hunches and  what I now felt with my eightened senses... Information gradually came to mind as I asked myself some questions. "What was that I asked?" innerly and a voice that was my own yet it wasn't answeared back.

My little epiphany didn't last any longer for I felt something creeping toward the cabin, it's presence announced with a chill in the air, a crawl in my skin and a low moan on the spiritual level... It was a threat that didn't come from the mundane realm, but right from a direction I never could feel before now.A fourth dimension of space opened in my mind, that I could now begin to udnerstand.

I sweep the room with both my eyes and new found astral sense just in time to see them...

The End

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