Axis Mundi: The Book of worldsMature

What if you found a book, one that when you read it, was made of nonsense but now... You can feel, you can see more than anyone else.This is what happened to Daniel Lachance, one day he was a normal man and the next he can walk across all layers of the universe, into the world of spirits, the parallel universe and into Planes of metaphysical concepts and ideas.This is where his story starts... Be warned, the world is not pretty, nor are the otherworlds. The bizare, the macrabre, the insanity an

It was a dark and rainy afternoon of late october when I receive the package. I remember the cold rain washing over me, making my whole body shivers as I stared at it for quite a few minutes, my mind oblivious to the elements.

At first, I couldn't believe it was real, adressed to me specifically, was a small metal box, engraved with my name as well occult glyphs and sigils carved all around it. The box itself was in no way rectangular or flat, it twisted in strange angles even more bizare proportions.

But that was not the disturbing part, It was the sender ; My great uncle Aurelius... A man I hadn't seen in 15 year, mostly because he was dead. His body never found. It couldn't be him right?

He had been a prolific science-fiction writer, aswell as fantasy and what could've described as lovecraftian horror. He hadn't exactly reached fame and fortune, but had grown a small cult following over the years.

Inside the box were a few items, a hand written letter and a page of a text written with an old typewritter. The letter adressed to me had been dated for the 27th of october of that year. So... it had been written the day before that. My hands shaking in nervosity, I took the letter and read it carefully several time over, trying to make sense of how this could be.

                                                "Daniel, I hope this reaches you.
For you, I may have been dead for a while, but for me, it has yet to come.  fifthteen  years ago, I dissapeared, lost in the mountains in which I hunted. They wrote me off as dead and missing. But it couldn't be far from the truth. 

In  reality, I found a way, an escape. I travelled for many years, more than it may seem passed for you. I saw things that I could never describe. But now... Now, I'm dying. I ask you, do not be sad for me, I've lived a good life but now it's your turn follow the instructions I've left in here. If the life you lead is perfectly satisfying burn this note and forget about it.

-Aurelius Lachance" 

At the bottom of the page was a serie of six numbers, without any indication of their meaning.

"What did those mean?" I muttered out loud in my empty living room. It wasn't a phone number, it was too short. There was nothing else to suggest it was an adress. maybe it was a deposit box combination? But where?

Then I checked out the typographied text that came with it. It was the first chapter of a novel, "Going forth by day" was the title, it spoke of a man going through the egyptian afterlife... It was only when I finished reading it that I realised what it was. My uncle's last novel that hadn't been published. Being a nice man he'd alway let me read his books as he wrote them.

At this point, I was fairly sure this was not a scam, so I turned my attention back to the sequence of written numbers. Asign the numbers to letter; Didn't work. Any form to ROT# didn't do it either. A date in xx/xx/xx format? Nothing again.

I obscessed over it for days on end, at this point it had became entire unhealthy, I had spent days and nights looking through all my uncles notes, books diary.

Guess what I found? Jack.

By that point my weekend off had ended and I had to go to work. I drove quickly, as I was already late for the appointment with a client, it had been set at nine, but it was now 10:08

The traffic in providence, RI was annoyingly thick for that time of the day. I was left alone with my thoughts, my obsessive desire to know and the sound of constant yelling and beeping as we all advanced at a snail's pace, pedestrial walking by faster than we drove.

Where was that damn place again? I asked, for one, too sleep deprived to remember and I needed to take my mind on something else... I searched on my phone's GPS for the hundreth time that day.

27 Fountain street. 3rd floor. The GPS claimed.

GPS... I hadn't thought about that one. "Should I try?" my conscience asked. "Doesn't this have gone on too long? there, nothing, it's just a sick joke." I tried to convince myself

On any normal day, I would have just agreed but I had to know. Know now!It was the kind of thing you can't sleep until it's over. Resigned, I punched the number in, which gave me a completly lost spot in the mountain of pensylvania, the state where my uncled had lived...

"Just a coincidence..." I muttered. "Should I go there to see if it was real? Should I?"

I had an appointment. I could alway go later. Right? Curiosity could wait.

Damn it! I had know. I couldn't stop thinking about it.

I could say I thought over it carefully, but in reality...

I had spent the last four days frantically searching for the answer So, I took the nearest highway out of town and went there, forgetting the appointment and my Job. A stupid move in retrospect but hey, what do you want?


Up on the Appalachian plateau, right were my smartphone said, in an abusively hard to reach spot of the mountain and surrounding forests, was a lone crumbling cabin. The door had been left to hang on it's half broken hinges, vines covered a large chunk of the building while the rest had been battered and worn by the elements's fury. 

As bad as the outside was, the inside was arguably worse. All furnitures had been demolished and left laying in pieces directly onto the ground, which itself was saturated with knife marks, paint and what loocked like claw marks.

Amongst the rubbles of the crumbling cabin was, right at it's center, a black stone table which unlike the rest of that hole, was in perfect order.

On the stone surface were burnt-out candles, their wax waterfallalling down to the ground, a long, rusty, curved rune engraved knife, a tarnished silver cup bearing an ornate framework, a carved stick with a gem on top and with feathers hanging off it and a metal pentacle with celtic patterns... It was an altar at the center of which throned a thin leather bound book, held closed by a metal clasp

Inscribed upon the cover in relief were the words "Grimorium Mundi"

I blinked, as I was filled with a feeling of deja-vu. I took it fearfully, and from the inside of the book fell a scibbled note.

"You remember this book don't you? Nobody else ever noticed it. I alway carried it with me, but you are the only one who ever commented upon it, for all others it was invisible...

It is yours now. I won't need it anymore. It will teach you many things. Dangerous things. So If you preffer being safe, just leave it here, unread. Ignorance is bliss.

However, if you feel there's more to this world than work, sleep, food and TV, Pick it up and read it. In the end you'll know more than any school could teach you about how the world works."

I had been given an opportunity. Another world, one where things might or might not exist, depending on the sanity of it all. Or just a mundane 9 to 6 job that I most likely didn't have anymore.

"Well there's nothing bad that can come from reading a simple book. Right?" I asked myself

The End

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