Chapter 10, branch 3

Firdlass and his grisly cargo were hurled onto the shore of the lake as the wave that carried them came crashing down, the body hitting the ground with sickening crack as it's dessicated husk split from the force of the impact.

He turned around, shocked but unhurt and saw a pillar of smoke rising from the lake, the waters where the spire had been boiling viciously. The place no longer had the dead feeling, that horrible sense of Mae-geen-skel was gone.

Desperation seized him then, a deep concern for Karin echoing in his thoughts. Grabbing the broken body and ran towards the caves. When he got there, the N'Mae-skels seemed tired, they milled around as if in a daze. Perhaps it was something to with the spire, Firdlass wondered.

Not a single one of the N'Mae-skels stood in his way as he made his way to the cavern he had left Karin in but when he got there, she was gone.

* * * * *

Karin felt like she had suddenly woken up, like a great weight had been lifted off of her mind. She thought of the beast man, Firdlass, and how he had protected her and realised that she knew him, rmembered him, but vaguely, like a name on the tip of the tongue. She knew he was a friend and she was worried about him.

She approached the guards, she wanted to leave, to find this Firdlass in the hope that seeing him might trigger her memories. She hoped they would let her through. The guards barely reacted to her at all, they seemed dazed and confused as if they were striggling to understand where they were and what was going on. Karin took the opportunity to slip out of the cavern and into the tunnels beyond.

Still afraid of the strange pale-skinned men and woman, she avoided the main tunnels, heading further and further until she finally reached the bright light of day. In the distance there was smoke rising from the lake and Firdlass was nowhere to be seen.

The End

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