Chapter 9, branch 3

Unauthorised access is prohibited.

--Protocols, holy texts of the N'Geenr


Firdlass lifted himself up from the strangely patterned floor as the ringing in his head began to subside. This place still felt wrong and something about it hurt is skel. It was a bad place.

He crawled slowly down the corridor, following the pulsing patterns in the floors and walls. The eerie light cast weird shadows and cast everything in a strange blue light that hurt Firdlass' eyes but he pressed on. There were no branches to the corridor but it continued at an angle, spiraling down in a secession of corners until he reached a strange room. What he saw frightened him.

The room seemed to be a large hemisphere, the floors and even the walls were caked in rotted organic matter, as if someone had thrown up violently a long time ago, something that Firdlass strongly suspected was the case. The skeletons to several people littered the room, some in grisly grapples while others lay slumped over glowing protrusions from the walls, skulls cracked open. The skeletons where clothed in a black matte fabric that reminded Firdlass of the walls but their skin and flesh had long decayed, mostly having fell from their bones long ago to be added to the furry, papery mould that now coated the floor of the room.

Firdlass suddenly came to realise that the throbbing in his head had gone, in this room it seemed like he was protected from whatever made this place feel so bad. Pushing one of the skeletons aside, Firdlass looked at the glowing panel on the wall. It had writing on it, but he did not recognise the language.

Solar charging 47% complete. Next Mental-erasure blast in 1 revolutions.

What did it mean? He pressed at the panel and the words changed, but he couldn't tell what they said. Frustrated he hit the panel again and again and with each slam the words changed until a sound began to emanate from the wall and suddenly Firdlass' head was flooded with noise. Screaming he fell away from the wall but it was too late and the noise wouldn't stop. Blinded by the pain he slipped on the mess and fell flat onto the floor.

Mental interface established. You are not an authorised user defence systems will engage in 5 seconds.

The voice echoed in his mind, smoothly replacing the pain as if it had never been there. Firdlass tried to reply with his Skel.

Me Firdlass, Karin hurt, need to stop bad place, bad wave.

The voice didn't seem to care, it ignored him and then 5 secons later it spoke to him again.

Defence systems are now active. Error. Defense systems are non-functional. Directive omega is now in effect. Self-destruct in 5 seconds.

Firdlass didn't think that sounded very good. Panicking, he grabbed one of the bodies by it clothing and pulled it with him as he ran back through the corridor. Hopefully the body might have something that could help Karin.

He dived into the water and as he did he felt a rumble as he swam with all his might. He felt a shockwave come through the water behind him and felt himself being pushed and flung up as part of an enormous wave. Something bad had happened.

The End

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