After half an hour I got up and told Damon after many times that I would punch him in the arm if he asked me if I was sure I was okay again.

"Im okay, it's not like I've been hit by a bus! I can drive myself home" I said standing up to leave.

"Emily but..."

"You just ask me one more time and you won't feel your arm tomorrow!"

"Okay, okay but if you're sure" he asked.

"I am, I'll see you tomorrow" I smiled before walking out, still coverd by Brian's jacket. I walked towards the changing room and went in and got dressed before walking out to my car. Once inside I turned the heaters on full blast and felt the scratches on my stomache. They stung at my touch. On the drive home I turned the music up loud to try and to centrate but it was no use. The whole evening began to shout what had happened in my head. When Brian had punched the guy and shoued at him to stay on the floor, the acid in his voice was etched on my brain and in my ears. Everything about him was etched on my brain and then I began to remember when he pulled me close to him, protectivly as he walked me to the office. I remeber thinking that I never wanted him to let go...

As I pulled up on the drive way, the lights inside where on... Scott must be home I then thought before pannicing. I took off Brian's jacket and layed it neatly on the back seat, knowing Scott would flip if I went inside wearing it.  He was sober when I got home and as he came to me and hugged me tight I winced.

"What's the matter?" he asked trying to lift up my top as I held my stomache.

"Oh I had a scuffle with a drunk guy tonight" I said cooly.

"And he's hurt you? I'll..."

"You'll do nothing he was drunk Im okay." I said walking into the kitchen to make some tea. He followed me in and spoke for the best part of ten minutes about how he was going to come to the club and find this guy who had hurt me and teahc him a lesson until I finally agreed with him that he was right just so he would drop it.

"Oh by the way Em's I've lost my wallet, have you seen it?" he asked.

"No I haven't have you checked in your car?" I woundered. I went and sat down to relax in the living room.

"Yes I've checked my car, I'm not an idiot that's the first place I looked. I'll go check your car, we went out last week and I haven't had it since then" he shouted.

"It won't be in my car and you haven't had it since then, so I guess your mates have been buying the rounds?" I asked.

"Yes they have. I will just check it might be in there..." I heard him say as the front door opened and then shut again...

The End

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