"Good Bye Emily..." He Said Softly...Mature

Suddenly I hearded the door smash against the wall and I saw him. He had pulled the drunk guy off me and he punched him in the face. My heart pounded.

"Stay down!" he shouted in an acidic tone to the drunk guy. Then he came to me wrapping an arm around my back and pulling me from the room.

"Are you okay? He asked pulling me closer to his side as we walked out the door. Damon came right to us followed by two of the bouncers.

"He's in there" he said looking back to the room. The bouncers went straight in and I could hear scuffling, then they emerged restraining him and dragging him out side.

"Call the police!" Damon called to Carley.

"No! No police, please" I pleaded with him and he sighed and indicated to Carley no to. Damon led us to the office where he finally let me go so I could sit down.

"I'll go get you a drink Emily I wont be a second" Damon said dissapearing through the door. I had a scratch across my stomache and brused sides were the drunken guy had kept hold of me but the pain was in my head from were he had pulled me by my hair... Then he stood up and took off his jacket and draped it over my sholders.

"Thanks" I said trying to cover myself embarresed seeing as I had hardly any clothes on.

"So its Emily right..."


"Its nice to meet you Emily...Im Brian." He was called Brian... Such a perfect name, it suited him. He looked tence... or angry sitting close to me with his fists clenched, making his muscles look even bigger... making him look even more attractive than was possible. Suddenly Damon walked through the door and handed me a drink, I didnt even take notice of what it was as I drank it I was too busy taking in the delicious smell of colone that was radiating from his warm jacket. Damon eyed us up, sitting there seeing me in Brian's jacket. Well I'll be going seeing as your in safe hands he said. I didnt want him to go. I went to take his jacket off when he protested.

"You keep it" he said standing at the door.

"No I really couldnt, here" I said just about to pull it off.

"Well you can give me it back next time then" he said opening the door smiling... "Good bye Emily..." he said softly... The Butterflies in my stomache fluttered madly like they wanted out...

The End

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