My Last Chance...Mature

"What did he say?... What did you say?" I asked trying not to sound happy about it even though I was exstatic inside.

"Oh you know he just asked who you were, what was your name and if you worked here full time. I told him your name and said that you did but that if he wanted to know anything else he would have to ask you himself."

"Oh um okay thanks for telling me." I smiled at him as he walked out the room.

When I was ready I went out to my pole and began to dance, a few men gathered at my pole but it wasn't the main night in which the club would be full so tonight would be an easy night, no complicated routines. As I danced I glanced around the room constantly... as though I was lookig out for attackers or something... after an hour I saw him and my heart hammered. He was stood with his back to the bar leaning against it with one of the men which he had been with the previous night. He was watching me!

I had to concentrate or I would have an accident. I hoped to god that he would come over but then again I didnt want him to because of the phsyco butterflies dancing around in the stomache. Then I realised I was smiling again and the men around me noticed also because the started whistling throwing money at my feet. I danced for another hour before my friend Steph come over to take my place so I could have a break. When I got down I couldnt see him at the bar... he must have left... my heart sunk.

"Hey babe how about me and you?" I heard from behind me as I walked towards my dressing room. One of the drunked men was follwing me.

"No Thanks darling" I said brushing him off. It didnt work. He still followed me to the door. I turned to face him and I couldnt see him that well because the club was dark. The flashing lights were the only slightest bit of help in informing me that he was taller than me, stronger than me and drunk as he stumbled forward. I pushed the door open and the light helped more.
"C'mon beautiful" he slurred.

"I said not tonight" backing into the room to create distance... but he followed me in taking hold of me.

"I said No!" trying to escape from his grip. He started kissing my neck and touching me. I screamed trying to be heard over the music. The door was still open and I tried to move towards it. I stood on his foot with my heel and he let go for a split second cursing in pain... I had  one hand on the door frame when he grabbed me by the hair. My last chance... I held on for as long as I could trying to with stand the pain and did the only thing that came to mind. I used my other hand and flicked the light switch on and off as many times as i could before I had to let go. He slammed the door and pushed me against the wall and tried to kiss me...

The End

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