Lipstick Stained ShirtMature

When I woke up I found Scott passed out on the sofa downstairs. There was vomit everywhere!

"SCOTT!" I screamed. He didnt even move. I shuck him and he opened one eye.

"What!?" he coughed.

"You've been sick everywhere!"

The smell was lifting. Suddenly he opened his eyes wide and stood up. He looked around the room at the mess he had made.

"Why didnt you wake me?!" he shouted. "Now Im late for work Emily!" he said pulling his shirt off and throwing it on the floor. I couldnt believe he was heading for the door. I grabbed his arm and suddenly I felt the back of his hand hit me across the face, I fell to the floor and looked up at him. He glanced behind at me.

"Sorry Em's clean this up for me please, I have such a bad head ache!" he said leaving the room.

I sat there for a few  moments as tears ran silently down my face. It was the stench of the sick which made me move though. I heard him stomp down the stiars and go out the front door. I stood up and got to work on the living room. It took two hours to get rid of the smell. I picked up his shirt which he had thrown on the floor and it was the red stain which made me inspect the white shirt even closer. At first I thought it was blood... but then the shape on the collar was very distinctive... it was red smudged lipstick! I was so annoyed! So annoyed that I started to cry. I went and hid the shirt where he wouldnt find it before I could question him. Then I cleaned the rest of the house and got ready. I had to go to work in a few hours. I looked in the mirror to apply my make up and noticed the bruse that had appered under my eye... even with make up on it, it clearly couldnt cover the mark that he had left...

The End

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