Sleepy-Eyed ButterfliesMature

I got changed into a baggy huddie and skinny jeans then headed for the door with my other clothes. I didnt look over at my pole to see if he was still there with his friends. Damon was stood at the bar, cleaning shot glasses with a cloth. As I opened my mouth to speek he interupted.

"One shot coming up" he winked.

"Cheers Damon" I smiled.

It burned as it went down but it shuck off my tired feeling. I glanced behind at my pole... I couldnt help myself, I had his perfect face etched in my head.  There he was, his friends sitting drinking, chatting but he was stood up leaning against the wall, his eyes were searching... and then they found mine and he smiled. Then I realised why his smile widened into a grin. I was smiling back at him and he had seen me checking him out. The sleepy-eyed butterflies streched their wings in my stomache and then took off making me feel sick. Crap! What was I doing? I had a boyfriend for god sake! I quickly turned away and said good night to Damon.

"Hey Emily, the guy you danced for is coming over here..."

I pretended I never heard him as I walked away from the bar. My walk quickly turning into a fast one. The midnight air hit me as I opened the door and all trace of the stale beer and sweat was vanquished. I saw my car and headed for it. I hoped to god Scott hadn't been in there and saw what the handsome man had done when I was on the pole. He could get very jealous, he didnt like me working there in the first place and the only reason I was still there was because I was earning the most money.

As I drove home all I could see... really see, it  wasnt the grey road in front of me that was illuminated by the moon, not the cars that passed and not the trees that swayed in the breeze...  it was his face... Just his perfect face... I sighed.

The End

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