Awoken Butterflies Chapter TwoMature

Chapter Two- The Gentleman in a Strip Club

Looking at them I'd have to say they were around 20-25 years of age.Part of this routine I was preforming for them meant that I soon had to give one a lap dance. The fake smile loosened slightly at the thought that these were not old men. It became slightly more real. One of the men caught my eye. He was standing up, watching me with a beer in his hand. He gazed at me with fasonated eyes so I smile at him. This smile was...Real! For the first time in along time i'd smiled a real smile.

I took him in then, this strange, good looking man who'd made me smile my first real smile in months. He was actually... Very Handsome! He had a strong muscular build, quite obvious he went to a gym. His muscular arms were covered in sleves of tattoos and he had a beautiful smooth, thin face with an amazing jaw bone structure, not to mention with messy bed head styled hair. I pointed at him then. He came up onto the stage bringing a chair with him. I looked at him more closly and a pair of gleeming brown eyes looked into mine. I looked away slightly embarressed. As i danced his hands traced over my body...gently! His friends cheered as they watched.  He stood up then but didnt removed his hands so i carried on dancing... never wanting the song to end! He was so good looking that he looked out of place here. It was when the song was dying out that he really got my attenchion.

As I went to put the chair down onto the floor he grabbed my wrist and spun me around so fast i went dizzy and then I noticed he was crushing me to him. Any other stranger and I would have instinctivly fought against them but i didnt with him.

"Dont you have a name?..." he whispered into my ear.

So surprised I didnt answer. My breathing was quick and shallow. He smiled then and released me, taking my hand and kissing it while folding many bills into my hand. So gentleman like. He was definatly out of place here. I walked off the stage  and I heard his friends hooting and cheering after me. As I walked I looked behind taking a quick glance at him, it was then i noticed he and his friends had been waiting for this and the slapped him on the back and cheered even louder. Walking into the dressing room my head was spinning, with the image of his perfect face, his body, his gleaming brown eyes.

I had butterflies in my stomache, all because of this handsome man who I had no name for. I thought those butterflies where long dead... but he...this man...he, he had awoken them...

Then at that moment the door burst open crashing into the wall which pulled me from my day dream...

The End

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