He Lost A Wallet... Found A Jacket...Mature

"Brian's jacket..." I whispered and then shot up out my seat. "Scott it won't..." but I stopped in the hall as he stormed through the front door, Brian's jacket in his left hand. He slammed the door and I backed away slowly.

"And who does this belong too Emily?" He shouted. Then he smelled the jacket in his hand and through it at me. I caught it then looked at him.

"Scott you need to calm down, it's not what you..."

"Not what I think? Then what is it exactly? It's a man's jacket, so dont even think you can lie about that one it's drenched in cheap colone" he almost screamed.

"Cheap..." I laughed. Just by looking at Brian there was nothing cheap looking about him. My laugh totally angered Scott more.

"Damn it Emily!" He screamed.

"Scott I'm not talking to you while you're like this!" I screamed back and stormed into the living room. He followed me slamming the door behind him.

"You will tell me what's been going on! Now!" he bellowed at me.

"Scott you think I've cheated on you!" I said calmly.

"Well haven't you?" he questioned.

"No!" I said and he snorted. "Remember how I told you I was in a scuffle tonight? Well a... guy came and broke it up before the bouncers got there and he gave me his jacket once I was in the office because I was shaking."

"Then why didn't you give it back?"

"I tried to. He said he had to leave and to keep it. I said I couldn't so he said..."

"He said..." he asked not allowing me time to edit my story.

"He said just um, leave it at the club and he would pick it up next time he was there... so I agreed."

"But you brought it home with you! Why?"

"I don't know?" I said because I didn't actually know why I had.

"Anyway! You are the one accusing me of cheating? Ha! What about the other night?"

"What about it?" he shrugged.

"When you took your shirt off this morning there was red lipstick on the collor!" I accused. His face dropped but then he looked even more annoyed taking a step closer to me.

"I haven't cheated on you!" he shouted at me.

"So you don't deney that there was lipstick on your shirt... because I could always go get it to show you incase you can't remeber cheating on me!" I walked towards him heading for the door but he stopped me taking hold of my arms tightly.

"Scott that hurts. Let go now!" I scream at him...

The End

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