Awoken ButterfliesMature

Protagonist: Emily (Emm's for short)
Emily is 19 going 20, lives in California, moved there when she was a child, she is a pole dancer (not stripper), and shes going through a rough patch with boyfriend scott who becomes violent when he drinks and thats all he seems to be doing lately... She meets Brian in the Club and cutting a long story short they fall in love, but will Emily be able to escape from her abusive relationship with scott? And what measures will Scott go too, to keep Emily?....

Chapter One - Another Night Another Dollar...

As another dollar bill was slipped between my hip and G-string by another grubby hand I closed my brown eyes and tried to forget the men that watched me dance around the pole.

'Its just for now' i thought to myself. 'Its just a job it wont be forever'. I lived on that little shred of hope every time i practiced my routines, put on my...or rather took off most of my clothing, every single time another grubby hand placed another dollar bill in my underwear.

As the music ended the men sitting at the table around my pole got up to leave. I Went to change my outfit... if you could call it and outfit. I was 19 going on 20 and i'd been taking some pole dancing classes to keep fit. Then came the hard times... I lost my job and things with my boyfriend Scott, of 15 months had began to get a bit rough. I knew the owner of the club I danced in,  Damon, he was a good friend throughout school and he offered me a job. I'd told him that all I wanted to do was dance no stripping and he had agreed. So every night i was in the same old corner dancing my life away. He really was like the big brother i'd never had. He was good look too though, he prided himself on it.

Once i was in my next outfit (a pink and black corsit with frills everywhere, black fishnets and black heels) i applied my eyes mask, ruffeled my dyed dark red hair and went back out to my pole. I noticed a new group of men sitting around the table at the bottom of my pole. I arranged the fake smile in place as the next track faded into the one dying out. I began the little show for them and it was then i noticed that these men where young... Young and good looking...

The End

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