Your taking the good old Harbour Bridge because if you dont,  you know you won't make it to work on time. But first, your being forced to dig out 50 cents and go through the toll. You slowly pull in, sketching out worrying that you'll hit your car off the sides of the big concrete blocks on both sides. You get in safely. Then you look up and realize how much you love it when your parked 5 feet from the toll catcher and you are forced to throw it with your left hang. You then drop one of your quarters on the floor in your car so your stuck trying to find it. You then panic in a hurry to get out of that dreadfull place when you look in your rear view mirror and see nothing but a large amount of cars piling up behind you. You automatically know that they all have hardcore road rage going on back there. You panic some more and stick the money into your left hand and just fire it through the air and BAM, both quarters safely land in the toll. You happily drive out of their thinking to yourself, that was awsome.

The End

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