Power Overwhelming

The mermaid slowly slithered around the corner, her upper human body carried atop an eel-like tail. The mermaid's figure filled the tunnel, her head only inches from ceiling and her wide shoulders nearly scraping the walls. There would be no running past it.

Like Shireen, the creature had seaweed hair. However, unlike the wide and greenish sea-weed that flowed from the sea-girl's scalp, the mermaid's hair was a black tangle that stuck out in all directions. 

Scaled armour covered the torso and stomach while a chain skirt hung over the area where the tail and the torso merged. In it's large hands, it held the shaft of a very wicked looking trident. 

The creature smiled when she spotted Anna, her lips parting to reveal rows of long needle-sharp teeth that dripped with saliva.

It shrieked. The high piercing scream caused Anna to instinctively drop the spear and cover her ears. 

While Anna fumbled to recover her weapon, the mermaid continue to slither  up the tunnel, it's tail undulating to propel it forward. It's movement was slow and ponderous

It's a fish out of water

Anna was very thankful for the slow approach of the creature. Her spear had clattered onto the floor which was now obfuscated by the foot or so of steam created by Teak. It took her a few moments of blind groping to find the shaft and get herself back into a defensive position. 

The creature smiled again at Anna, curling it's lip at the tiny creature in front of her. It drew back it's spear and prepared to strike.

The moment that the mermaid drew back, Anna thrust her spear toward's the only part she could reach, the eel-like tail. The mermaid quickly brought down the trident and crashed it into the spear, knocking it out of Anna's hands and clattering back to the steam covered ground.

All the training, all the preparation that she had done with Shireen over the past week had amounted to nothing. The mermaid smirked and drew back the trident again.

Anna closed her eyes, she knew she was about to die. 

The whistling stopped.

The End

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