Twists and turns

They had travelled quite a distance into the tunnel system when the ground finally stopped shaking.

Despite this, Teak remained whistling and producing the vapour trail for Anna to follow. Anna watched as the twists and turns of the cave system blurred by - it seemed that the steam somehow accelerated those who tread upon it.

The floor of the tunnels, once smooth and polished were now covered in dust and the occasional pebble. Some of the jellyfish lanterns had broken, spilling the water and its inhabitants onto the floor. Sections of the tunnels were completely dark, but that didn't slow down Teak at all. 

Watching Teak run backwards was one of the most absurd sights that Anna had ever witnessed. The teakettlers stubby legs pumped furiously as they sped along the tunnel. Everything about the movement looked ridiculous and Anna probably would have laughed were it not for a seriousness of the situation. 

Taking in the damaged sections, the thought that the cave system might collapse occurred to Anna. She shuddered; she had been so driven by the desire to go after Shireen that she gave no thought to her personal safety. 

This cave system was built by magical beings and has been around for thousands of years, it won't collapse.

Anna wasn't quite sure she actually believed that thought, but it was enough to keep her going.

Teak stopped whistling after they turned the next corner. They had found Shireen.




The End

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