In his steps

Teak and Shireen were waiting in the kitchen. 

"Where's mother?" Shireen asked, glancing at the passageway behind Anna. "Didn't she come to get you?"

Anna shook her head, "She said she would buy us time. She wanted me to tell you she loves you."

Shireen shrugged, as if unconcerned. "She's been around for centuries, she'll be alright." 

"If you two don't mind, we have to get going. " Teak interjected. "Unless you want to end up being feasted on by mermaids that is."

Shireen's face darkened at this. "Did you say mermaids?"

Teak hesitated a moment, "No, nevermind what I just said, we have to go."

The sea-girl looked at Teak for a moment and then bolted towards to passageway. 

"Blasted, I shouldn't have opened my big mouth."

Anna shook her head and began making her way towards the passageway. "Come on, we have to go help her!"

A massive *BOOM* rocked the cavern, knocking Anna off her feet. Dust and small stones rained from the ceiling, covering the entire kitchen. 

Anna tired to rise from stone floor, but it continued to shake and throw her off balance. For long minutes, she lay there coughing, trying to clear the dust from her lungs. There was nothing to do but wait for the quake to subside. 

Then, the sound of a teakettle.

Through the dust, Anna could see the squat legged silhouette of Teak moving towards her. As with when she first met him, he held his mouth close to the ground while he whistled, walking backwards with a cloud of steam around his feet. He move swiftly, the shaking ground not affecting his movement at all. 

Teak backed up to her, the whistle growing ever louder and increased in pitch. As the vapours began to curl around Anna as well, she could feel herself rise from the floor ever so slightly. 

"Get up and follow close!" Teak ordered quickly. 

Anna felt herself drop back to the floor when Teak spoke, but felt herself rise again when he continued his whistle. When she tried to move she was surprised to find her feet now had purchase in the vapour. It was not unlike walking on a sandy beach. She could breath much easier as well. 

Teak flipped himself around and began making his way towards the passageway entrance. As he moved, he left a "wake" of steam for Anna to step on. The teakettler moved surprisingly quick, forcing Anna into a slight jog as she attempted to keep up. 

They headed down the darkened shaking corridor.  Anna wasn't sure they would like what they would find. 


The End

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