A taste of home

Anna had been born in the small, coastal community of Overwinter Brook. The community had been named by Skipper Joe Peters, who had been the Captain of a fishing schooner making it's way down the coast. In the time of Skipper Peters, the area had been unsettled, but it did have a nice protective harbour. 

It was late in the fall when Skipper Peters ordered his men to anchor in the harbour. They were just about to return to England with a hold full of salted cod when a furious storm whipped up and caused major damage to the vessel.

After the storm had faded, the captain took one look at the ragged ship and knew it would not survive the sail home. 

He ordered the men to make landfall and begin cutting timbre for shelters. They would have to stay in the little harbour and it would take the winter to repair the ship. 

The area turned out to be a good place to be stranded. There were large strands of trees which were great at blocking the cold winter winds, Of course the trees also served as great timbre for repairing the ship, and firewood for keeping warm. The woods were also filled game, which provided the men a more varied menu than the salted cod that they had in the ship's hold. And of course, there was a bubbling brook that provided a nice source of fresh water.

Skipper Peters and his crew managed to survive the winter, repair their ship, and finally return to England in the spring. 

While in England, Peters petitioned the crown to set up a settlement in the area where he and his men had wintered. Not being the most creative man in the world, he called the new settlement "Overwinter Brook". 

The community had pretty much stayed the same for the last few hundred years. Peters and a small number of families settled, building homes and gardens. Eventually local government offices were set up and the settlement became kind of a regional service centre with a court, a small medical clinic, and a school. People would come and go, but for the most part, the people living there now were descendants of the original group of settlers. 

The only way to Overwinter Brook was by coastal ferry, so they only people who tended to visit the settlement were the government officials who would leap frog through the coastal communities by boat during the summer months. They would do everything from hold court (if there had been a crime, which there was rarely any), to provide inoculations to children. 

When the harbour would freeze in the winter, Overwinter Brook would become isolated from the outside world for a good 6 months. Anna hated when the visitors would leave. 

"It's the same people, day in day out, with same news, and the same petty little problems," Anna sighed. "But I would trade anything to be back there right now."

"Don't worry, We'll get you back there." Shireen said assuredly. "Mother has a plan."

The End

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