Prey for release

Anna remained frozen in place, unsure on how to respond to the creature. For the most part, it looked human - two arms, two legs and the normal number of hands and feet. What made it definitely NOT human were the gleaming rows of wide and pointed teeth, seaweed hair, and its skin had a (very slight) greenish tint about it.

It was also dressed like a human... for the most part. It wore a dress, its simple-style offset by the prismatic colours that swirled and shined as the light hit it. The shimmer and the colours reminded Anna of scales. 

It continued to smile for a few moments, before the face began to frown and take on a look of concern.

"Hey, are you alright?" it moved closer to Anna, raising a hand and placing it on her shoulder softly.  

The touch jolted Anna back to reality. 

Anna jerked her body away from the touch and began to back away from the creature. "Please.... just please stay back," she pleaded, holding her her hands up protectively. 

The creature held up its own hands and started to back towards the door. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to frighten you. Teak told me about what happened to you, I just wanted to see if you were OK."

At the familiar name, Anna's defences began to drop. "Teak... you know Teak?"

It smiled, this time not SO wide and not showing off as many teeth, "Teak brought you here last night."

Sensing an opening, it moved towards Anna once again. Anna wasn't as frightened, but still felt like she should back away. She only managed a half-step when she felt her back brush against one of the pieces of twine-work that hung from the walls. She could retreat no further.

Knowing its target was trapped, the hunter captured its prey. In a blink, the creature closed the distance between itself and Anna. Anna had read about sharks, and at the moment, felt a connection with any creature that was hunted by them. 

Anna felt warm hands pull hers up to chest level.

"My name is Shireen," it said, holding Anna's hands in an iron grip.  "And I will help you get through this."

Anna wasn't sure if she should feel grateful, or terrified.  

The End

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