The dream had shaken Anna from her slumber.

The pain of losing her Grandmother, which had long been buried by time, had been brought to the surface. Anna's vision was blurred from the tears, but after a few moments the vivid images of the dream began to fade, and so the emotions that welled up inside her began to subside.

Doing her best to dry the tears from her eyes. She had to be strong, she had to get herself out of this situation. She took stock of her surroundings. She wasn't in the forest any more, that was for sure. She was in a bed in some sort, covered by thick warm furs.

Where ever she was, it wasn't home. 

A small table sat next to the bed, an on it, a lantern glowed softly. The light was just enough to illuminate the whole of the "room". Anna used the word "room" loosely, as it appeared that she was in a cave of some sort, albeit a finely decorated one.

 Aside from the table and bed, a ornately carved dresser stood against the far wall. Each leg had been carved into a dolphin splashing playfully on its tail. Each drawer had a scene of a different type of ship, sailing on the ocean. 

Beneath the bed was a very fine rug with spectacular pattern of sea-foam green and blues. It reminded Anna of the surf, rolling gently on the beach near her home. 

Twisted and shaped into various sea-creatures, twine nets adorned the walls. A turtle here, a whale there, and even a puffin with various colours of interlaced twine to make up the parrotlike beak. 

There was no windows, only grey stony walls. A small wooden door was the only exit.

I have to find out where I am, Anna thought.

Anna swung her feat out from beneath the covers and stood began looking for her shoes.

Whomever placed her in the bed, had removed her footwear. 

She was still wearing her Sunday dress, and it was starting to look worst for wear. Clumps of dirt and moss clung to various parts of the fabric and it was getting frightfully wrinkled. 

Mother will kill me if she ever sees the mess I'm in, was her first thought. It was quickly followed up by, Why am I concerned about a stupid dress? And where in the devil are my shoes?

Anna was just about to search the dresser when a soft knock came on the door. 

Anna froze at the sound, hand still outstretched, fingers wrapped around a knob on the top drawer. 

"Hello?" A soft voice questioned. "I thought I heard movement, are you awake in there?"

Anna remained still. This voice was new, unfamiliar. This wasn't the gravely voice of the teakettler, but had a rather sing-songy feminine quality.

The door creaked open and a figure about the same height as Anna poke its head in the room. Anna almost spoke when she saw the face of the figure belonged that that of a young woman, probably not much older than her. What stopped her, was the fact that the figure had long flowing tendrils of seaweed coming from its scalp. 

Anna's voice words caught in her throat at the sight. The only sound she managed to produce was very meek sounding squeak.

The figure turned its head at the sound, and smiled a very broad shark-toothed smile as it cast its eyes over Anna. 

"Ahh, there you are!"

The End

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