Away to God

two brothers, have done everything together and now even work together, until someone decides they dont like the job these two men do

Father James Jenkins floated towards the altar, taking his turn at morning mass, his brother Kyle Jenkins would be doing it the next morning(yes, I know what your thinking, two brothers becoming priests in the same church- just what I thought when I heard).

They had both been priests for the previos fifteen years, inseperable at youth, very close as they had gotten older and it remained so, both entering the priesthood and "The rest is history" as they say.

The next morning as Kyle walked up the aisle heading towards the altar, preparing for mass, a man stood waiting, he looked oddly familiar, looking up towards the crucifix behind the altar with his bright blue eyes.

"Hello sir, can I  help you?" Kyle questioned.

"I...I no, its fine" the man replied hesitantly, looking as though he wanted to get something off of his chest, but whatever it was he couldnt bring himself to divulge.

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah" he answered, his face still contradicting the answer he had given. Kyle shrugged, turned and walked away to get changed.

Twenty minutes later, the congregation began to file through the doors.

"AHHhhhh!" echoed the scream of a twelve year old girl as she entered  ahead of her parents.

Beside the altar, Kyle was chained to a crucifix, a blood red hole in his forehead, slowly dripping onto the floor, while his eyes stared lifelessly where his soul had gone, away to God.

The End

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