Laughter is great, or so June thought. Laughter makes people think of happiness. June just wanted everyone else to be happy and for no one to see how unhappy she was. Maybe that's why she tried so hard to make everyone else smile and laugh when all she felt was sadness and pain. No one realized how broken June really was because she hid the dark truth behind a bright smile and a giddy laugh. She laughed and told the most jokes out of anyone in here friend group, but her laugh was empty.

      The happy facade was a tiring en-devour. Faking happiness left June exhausted, she would go home and stop functioning. She curled up in bed and let the self-hatred mix with blasting music as she lulled herself into a restless sleep that left her more tired than before. Some days June was so exhaust that even faking a smile was too much work, so she pushed everyone away. It was on these weak days that laughter became a monster to June.

      June already felt horrible that day, she wished she could have stayed at home, curled up in bed, instead of coming to school. Unfortunately, school and grades trumped her mental health. In history that day, it was a free period and of course no one talked to June. Instead, June sat silently in her seat behind two of her "friends" and an ex-friend. The three were having a lively discussion of ruling a fantasy world. They were laughing more and more, and their laughter was threatening to June.

       When they laughed a little voice whispered to June, "Look how happy they are... without you." With each swell of laughter came an on-slaughter of these words. "They're probably laughing at you." "They don't need you." "Your worthless, you can't make your friends laugh like that." "They probably don't even know you're here and they don't care." "If you disappeared, they wouldn't even notice."

      June dug her nails into her legs to prevent herself from crying. That day she went home and sobbed while she slashed her skin open for each of the negative thoughts she had that day. 

The End

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