June struggles a battle with her own mind. Negativity consumes her, will she make it through? Can she be saved?

          June considered herself a plain girl, someone who was easy to forget. Everything about her was average if not below than. Her eyes were dead chocolate brown, it's been months if not years since there was a hint of life in them. Her hair was a dull brown that fell in frizzy waves just below her shoulders. The bags under her eyes and the acne didn't help June's already low self-esteem. 

        She knew she would never attract anyone with her looks. Even though she has slim, she had insecurities about almost every inch of her body. Some days her flat chest bothered her more than others. There was constant nagging in her head about how disgusting it was that she could feel her thighs rub together. Every time June got out of the shower, she would stand in front of the mirror and suck in her stomach. She would think about how much she wished she could be thin. 

       June looked at everyone else, no matter their size, and saw beauty. She didn't understand how everyone else could be so perfect when she was so disgusting. She would never be good enough. Everything she did just wasn't enough. June was counting down the days until she graduated from high school, maybe a change in scenery would change her thoughts.

       Maybe one day she would be happy again. June all but forgot what it meant to be happy. As a young child, June was care-free, happy, and had a handful of good friends. June doesn't know what changed, all she knows is now she is sad and alone. 

The End

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