Welcome to Wonderland, Demetrius
{Don't worry, now that you have been awakened - everyone is mad here}

I awoke in the water. It was all around, above and below and I was the water. It was my life and my breath, my grave and my cradle. Midnight hair swirled before me with the colors and curves of Van Gogh’s Starry Night. I opened my mouth and the water chilled my teeth and tongue. The feeling of ice chilling me to the bone. Bones cracking, becoming dust. And God called Adam forth from the dust and breathed life into him. Let there be light.


I sat bolt upright. My hands clenched the sides of the tank. I coughed up a lungful of water. My head was spinning, a merry go round of light and color. The sky was darkness and the sun was fluorescent, lights that lined the sky. Trembling, I lifted my bare leg over the edge of the glass and fell ungracefully to the cement.

Splayed limbs, a fallen angel.

The sound of gunfire ringing in my ears.

I shut my eyes and the noise ceased. I could feel my heart murmuring in my ribcage. My cheek was pressed to the floor, every outline and every bone under the pressure of my head.

Autumn leaves. Girls laughing. Make it stop. Make it stop.

I pushed myself to my knees and sobbed. This hair that fell in a dark curtain around me was not my own. These cries that caught in my throat were not mine. My name was – is – will be? Demetrius. I caught sight of my reflection in the glass of the tank. A naked girl  drenched in liquid stared back, doe eyes blinking away tears.

Who am I? Who. Am. I.

Rising unsteadily to my feet, I surveyed my surroundings. Rows upon rows of glass frosted over in blue, icy trees in a dark forest. Gone were the war torn deserts. Gone the smell of the dead and the soon to be dead.

My slender, bare feet tip toed silently across the slick grey floor. I longed to hear the fragments of memory in my head once more. It would surely be more pleasant than this unbearable quiet.

My head whipped to and fro, ears twitching, tail quivering – ready to raise the white flag of warning for my ghostly comrades. Eyes stared out from behind the glass but they could not see. They were like that which the stared out from behind. Reflective, showing me the dark tear-filled eyes of a strange girl.

Shivering, I turned my head away and rubbed the goose bumps from my arms. I was alone in a forest of the dead. The lights above flickered once, twice, then my world was plunged into darkness. A faint glow from the icy chambers illuminated the wet floor. I paused for a moment, allowing my sight to adjust to the sudden nightfall. Somewhere, inaudible owls hooted. My madness was increasing by the second.

Seeking light, I gazed towards the brightest chamber in the woods. There, looking sightlessly out from the box, was a boy. Somewhere, in the back of my mind, a glowing ember burst into flames. Those eyes, oh bluest of blue, captured my soul. Whose soul though? This body was stolen and these thoughts were broken. I pranced over to the glass and pressed my hand against it. My breath formed fog, hiding him from my view. Frustrated, I swiped my palm over it to reveal the eyes once more. I swear, they almost blinked. In a panic, I fumbled for a handle, a door knob, anything to get him out. Instead, my fingertips caused a little square screen to glow.


I jumped back in alarm, the hairs on the back of my neck raising. I searched in vain for a gun, my nails scratching into my hip.


The audio was skipping, rusty with age. Clearing my throat, I attempted to recall my all access code from the military. Maybe it would work. Surprisingly, my voice was deep as it should be and not the squeaky soprano pitch of a girl. However I wasn’t exactly a bass anymore.

“Code, cero-uno-bronco-niner-niner-lincoln-primer, identification access ultra, Commander Demetrius Grey,”

The machinery clicked and whirred. With a hiss and a pop, the door swung open on creaking hinges.


I let out a sigh of relief. Thankfully it didn’t have a vocal encryption. It wouldn’t have been able to identify me properly if it had. At least, if I was truly who I remembered myself to be.
The boys frozen body was creaking like the hinges of the door had. Oxygen wasn’t agreeing with his stiff flesh. I reached out to him and he collapsed, the rigor mortis falling away.

“Easy does it,” I grunted, lowering him to the floor.

I wasn’t as strong as I once was. He let out a moan of pain.

I stroked his strawberry hair away from his forehead and nuzzled his cheek with my face, “It’ll be okay,”

Who was he? Why was I doing this? Confusion was muddling my thoughts and actions. I had to get out of here. Report back to base and figure out what the hell was going on. No, scratch that – first I wanted my body back.


Who’s Grey? I’m not grey? I’m White.

Who am I?

White as snow, red as blood, and the evil queen is coming, coming.

I collapsed beside the boy. His bluer than blue eyes were shut now, sweat beading on his forehead. Good. Hot was better than cold at this point. I pressed my naked body close to his equally naked body. It was not intimate – we needed to share body heat. Actually, his feverish temperature would help me greatly. I’d been slowly freezing to death.

“Goodnight,” I murmured, allowing the darkness to enfold me. I was safe now…I’d found the male.

The herd was safe.


The End

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