Testing - Speech.

He cut the running machine after I had run for at least a half-hour. My breathing not even heavy, I feel as though I have just taken a warm bath. He is walking across the room when he says: "Chris. My name's.. Chris. Just in case you were.. wondering." 

"Chris.." I say softly. It is the first time I have spoken. "I'm...." I tail off, realising I don't know my own name.

"Good, you can understand English. This makes things simpler." He announces. I sigh. For a moment, I almost believed he was trying to be kind. But no. Just another test. "Come. Now we're going to test your strength."

"Why?" I ask simply.

"For a test." He says, pursing his lips. He is obviously not going to give anything away easily. 

"But.. why?" I ask, smiling. 

"FOR A TEST." He says, louder than I expected. I cringe away instinctively, my heart hammering. Wait. So a loud voice makes my heart hammer, but running a over 90 mph doesn't? There is no way I am normal.. 


The End

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