I wake in a strange room, lying on the the top of a metal table. I try to move and the table, which I discover has wheels, slips and slides across the floor. I struggle more, futilely, as I have now discovered that the strange tight sensation that I had in strips across my body are actually straps, holding me onto the table. I scream without thinking, a loud, wild, feral noise. That is when it hits me. I have no memories. I am certainly not a baby, so I should have memories, shouldn't I? It feels like I am the size of at least a teenager. So why don't I recall anything? Where am I? Who am I? 

Then I hear the creaking sound of a door being opened. 

"Oh crap. The subject has woken up! I told Martin he didn't give her enough tranqu!" A voice says, presumably to itself. Then I feel a sharp jab in my arm, and everything fades into blackness. 

The End

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