Chapter One 

Kathryn opened her eyes to find herself surrounded by darkness. The shed had no windows, giving Kathryn no indication of whether it was day or night.

She thought back over the events of the night before...or had it been the night before that? How long had she been unconscious? A day? A week? Longer?

Her right hand crept up to her neck and her fingertips brushed the two small puncture wounds that her attacker had given her. They were wet, and she examined her hand to see that the liquid was blood. She couldn't have been out for too long, then.

Looking down at herself, Kathryn examined the rest of her injuries. There were bruises on her upper arms where he'd grabbed her; and there were deep scratches where he'd ripped her clothes before... She didn't want to remember what he did.

A trail of nearly-dried blood ran down her left arm, probably from the bite. It joint the rope burns at her wrist, soaking the rope that still bound her to the pipe running up the wall. She tried to pry the rope from her wrist...but it was no use.

She looked around, hoping to find something to cut herself free. A knife? Or an old piece of mirror? No such luck.

As she looked around, she noticed that, though it was dark, she could see everything as clear as day. She saw the spider's web in the far corner. She saw the garden tools scattered around on the floor. And she saw that she was alone.

Why had Matt just left her here? Or had his name been Max. Yeah, that was it. Why had Max just left her here? Did he think he'd killed her? Was that what he'd wanted? She didn't know.

The one thing she did know; was that she wasn't human anymore. She was a Vampire.

Her head snapped up at the sound of approaching footsteps. Had Max come back for her? Maybe he'd just needed to go get...something.

The hinges creaked as the door opened to reveal, not Max, but a complete stranger. He was tall; his muscular physique framed by the moon.

Through the darkness, Kathryn could see his every feature, thanks to her new sharpened senses. His eyes were a deep blue; so blue they were almost black. There were flecks over silver around his pupils, and a thick smoky grey line ran around his pupils.

His hair was a deep black, waving slightly to reach down to just above his shoulders. Kathryn thought she saw a slight blue tinge to his waves, but she couldn't be sure.

His skin was the colour of porcelain. That was the giveaway. He was a Vampire.

The man took a slow step towards her; perhaps in an attempt not to frighten her. Apparently she wasn't threatened by him, so he continued moving towards her until he reached the end of the mattress she was sitting on.

 "Hello Kathryn," he said. His voice was soft and comforting; like velvet. Kathryn was compelled to answer him. "Hello," she said warily, "How do you know my name?"

"Don't be scared, Kathryn. I'm her to help you, not hurt you."

"That doesn't answer my question."

"I have a friend. He had a vision of you. He sent me to find you; to bring you somewhere safe."

"And where would that be?"

"Saint James Academy. We can help you come to terms with what you've become."

Did he just say that? Was he serious?! "What if I don't want to?" Kathryn asked angrily. Ignoring her anger, the man answered, "It would be in your best interest. You're new, and without help it is most definite that you would die."

Kathryn thought for a moment. Could they help? "Do I have a choice?"

"If you want to survive, no."

"I don't want to survive!" she shouted, fury filling her so suddenly that it came out a little too forcefully. "Not like this, not as" Inhaling deeply she continued, "I want to be human."

He looked at her with sympathy. "Kathryn, there is no going back."

"I was afraid of that."

The man came close to her and began to untie the rope that held her captive. "I'm Andre, by the way."

"Hi Andre," she whispered, tears silently slipping down her cheeks.

He helped her stand up and put on the dark grey sweatpants Kathryn only then realised he was carrying. They were a bit long, but at least they were warm. He removed his jacket and draped it around her shoulders. "This will do until we get to the academy."

Kathryn didn't argue. If the Academy was the only place she'd be safe, then she'd go. That didn't mean she'd have to be happy about it, though.

"Lead the way," she murmured miserably.

The End

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