I haven't always been interested in history especially the world wars but after reading into it and discovering things about the great war I wanted to write a short story based on the horrific conditions that the soldiers had to go through.

Snowflakes trickled from the chalky grey sky and collected on the frozen terrain, blanketing the landscape with a milky residue. A single, lonely flake descended slowly, drifting and circling in the bitter wind and kissed Henry softly on the cheek. He stirred and reluctantly opened his tired eyes. He pulled off the insulated blanket from his quivering body and let out a long sorrowful sigh. The condensation from his breath blew like the smoke from a burning fire but then disappeared into the atmosphere with no trace. He took one moment before he stretched out his cramped legs and painfully stood up.

It was a woefully cold month that December and snow fell frequently from week to week. This made the conditions in the trenches unbearable. Henry Sullivan or "Sully" as he was affectionately dubbed by his men was an average sized, brown hair and almost grey-eyed 18 year old Englishman. He had been torn from his comfortable lifestyle with his mother and four younger siblings on his farmhouse in the countryside and had been sent to the front line to fight, most probably to the death. If there was such a thing as hell, Henry was in it.

His best friend, Arthur, was buried under blankets that were caked in mud and grime his helmet lay by the side on his face - giving him some shelter from the icy bite of the wind. Henry slumped on the nearest mound, covered in a soft layer of sparkling snow which was now rapidly cascading from the heavens. He fumbled with the laces of his boot that were tightly compressed to his feet and yanked two clammy, waterlogged socks from his broken skin. His feet bore open sores that pussed and bled and his skin resembled torn leather with enormous blisters bursting from his flesh. He winced at the sight and gingerly pulled the damp cloth back over his wounds and placed his foot back inside its torturous prison.

The End

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