I bolted, swiftly escaping whilst I had the chance. I continued to do so for miles- adrenaline sustaining my energy levels for hours. Surroundings blurred as I raced forward, the only thing to accompany me being my thoughts; I had been caught off guard back there, just as I was making progress…

I had been pursuing the witch-hunters for a couple of months, seven in all. I’d watched their every move, the people they socialised with, the locations they congregated, getting to them when they least expected it; extracting the information I needed to find out who was responsible for Solain’s heartless murder.

I had not intended to harm, nor kill anyone. All of them blind to the fact they were in the presence of a Witch. That was until they grew suspicious after the fourth witch-hunter had regained consciousness, with blank spots in his memory. They planned an assault in which I was theoretically meant to be caught, roped and burnt alive.

This plan was then set into action four days later;

 As twilight began to fall I settled in the trees above them, surveying their every move whilst they hunted for me in the forest below. I sat motionless for hours, watching them slowly demoralize with each passing minute in complete silence. The cool night breeze blew softly against the trees, disguising the sound of my breathing; my heartbeat slowing down to an almost inaudible beat.

By the early hours of the morning, the forest had become pitch-black, whilst the hunters became completely despondent…

“Some plan this was!” Someone hissed, “There’s no one even in this forest!” My vision was not perfect in the dark, but it was considerably sharper than any humans. I zoned in on the hissing man: he was hunched over, that must have been the scream earlier.  Someone had walked straight into one of the traps left for me. I smiled darkly to myself, idiotic agnowiro...

“Oh believe me, they’re here all right.” A deep voice boomed, I snapped my head to the sound, focusing in on them, like a lion assessing her prey. The male was tall, burly- Twice my own size, but conceited, something that wouldn’t bode well for him in combat.  

“Well then answer me this Dean, why have we not found them?” hissed the first one again,

“Quiet,” ordered the evident alpha, he was tall- roughly six ft; his face masked with a hood, the only significant characteristic being a deep scar on his jaw “Dean Set up camp. Adrian inspect the surroundings within a five ft perimeter.” The mutts nodded, obeying their master, and began carrying out their tasks.

The one name Adrian entered the forest…

I recited an incantation for strength and power, before staring up at the sapphire sky- cloudless. Inhaling deeply I closed my eyes and descended the twenty ft drop from the tree. Time slowed as I drew the blade from my belt, slicing his throat, before touching the ground. Hands flew to his throat, only to be covered in a thick dark substance, he tried to yell for help but it was too late, the only thing coming from his mouth was blood. I left him there, whilst descending back into the darkness awaiting the next lamb to the slaughterhouse.

Within an hour the alpha was dead and the last one remaining had entered the forest, Dean. I stepped out behind him, revealing myself from the darkness.  He turned around, seeing me he walked forward, a huge wild grin spread across his unhinged face.

 “Oh I’m going to make you squirm, I’m going to make you scream in pain, you better hope your body shuts itself off from the pain before I fi-” he fell to the floor, tripping over the body. He looked beneath him “What the-” the agnowiro muttered,  his hands covered in the blood of the body he’d tripped over, and fallen upon, he looked up as I kneeled in front of him; his eyes that of deer in front of headlights.

“mómint crád” I whispered, taking his life with one  touch of my finger.

-  I drew back from my thoughts, to have been discovered was one thing, but to have let slip with an inexperienced agnowiro, that looked my own age, was not good enough. I was drained after using my powers, so weak I had almost been killed; I could not afford to let that happen again. 

I slowed down my pace recuperating from the long journey- although we were far stronger than humans, we were still mortal. Light beamed from the sky in-between the forest tops as the trees began to disperse…

The End

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