Waking to the sound of metal clinging together, without opening my eyes I asses the condition of my body. Thankfully finding it completely healed, I may heal faster than humans but never having been hit by a car can make you wonder how much you can really take. Opening my eyes I push myself into a sitting position.

'I suppose it's time to see what information I can salvage out of that worthless humans life.' I think before closing my eyes once more.  

But now instead of just light behind closed eye lids there are glowing spheres of light suspended in air. I stand in a meadow, golden colored grass flows around me. This place is merely a fabric of my imagination but it still seems so real.

Glancing back upward to the orbs, I feel my face twist into a disgusted smirk. The strongest humans, the ones with importance, with an actual purpose, have multi colored orbs. But this ones are all different shades of green.

Taking in a calming breath I begin to sort through his memories, starting from the beginning, the day he was born. Most don't know that you actually do retain every single memory you have ever had, every single second, your brain just keeps the ones it believes will be necessary in the future.  

His whole child hood until age 7 is useless. This is when he begins learning history, math, sciences, culture, reading, and writing. It's all interesting but not what I need at the moment, but still I watch them quickly. 

'perhaps they will be of use to me, but these are still just memories of a child, I need what is going on now, and the past since I've been... well in the earth'

After I pass a bubble I destroy it, why would I want those pesky things clouding up my meadow? Most of this is useless to me, why did he have to be the one walking around, couldn't it have been a college professor, or a student, or someone who went to college?

His name was Joe Moore. Had two kids and was divorced, barely graduated high school, no further education. Occupancy was a police officer, lived in a cheap apartment that was barely big enough for one, had one dog. never traveled, never wanted to had little to no aspirations. This is what his life added up to, facts in my head, and most likely nowhere else. I can't help but wonder if his family will care, will they cry, or simply shrug their shoulders and move on. oh well it is no business of mine .

It takes less than ten minutes to see his entire life, from his birth to me. What a pitiful life, filled with greed and jealousy. Now I'm going to have to find others, it may have just been this one that has so limited experiences, but I doubt it.

Where going to find a school...I believe the closest one it a college. Perfect, I love parties, and if someone goes missing there's really nothing they can do about it, large campus , dropouts. I may even raid there room...yes that sounds perfect I'm in need of clothes.

Standing I glance around, according to Joe these kids are rich, yet modest. They will definitely be of use to me. Glancing towards the kitchen I spot Nate cooking, it seems he takes care of Anna. Walking towards him, I finally see what he is doing, but even then I don't understand, Joe wasn't a cooker. He wasn't anything really.

Nate glances back at me surprised, must have heard me walk in. He gives a soft smile and goes back to work. Jumping onto the counter I look out the window, I wonder what a shower will feel like...or how that apple will taste.

"are you going to see your sister today?"

"no, I have other things that must be done."

"but I thought you came here to see her" Nate says perplexed.

"I don't believe I said that."

"then why did you come to new York?"

"I have some business to take care of."

"oh, ok then do you need a ride anywhere, or some clothes, or something?"

"I need a shower, then clothes."

"down the hall second door on the left."


"Anna will bring you some clothes and the food should be ready by the time your done"

"k" I say getting off the counter and walk to the bathroom. This is going to be harder than I thought, which knobs do I turn...ill say it's different from Europe.

"how do I work your shower" I yell down the hallway towards Nate then laugh a little. That probably want necessary but it's too late now.

After giving me brief directions I hear him return to cooking. Doing as he said I take a shower....and it  

was wonderful, but over too soon.

An hour later I'm dressed, been fed and have a plan. Nate and I are going to the library, for reasons that seem logical, where else am I going to find out what has been going on, they have computers that  

I can erase the memory on without others being suspicious. Looks like its time to set things in motion.

The End

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