Awakened Metamorphosis


An explosion of silence so loud, my ears rang. The dim light so bright, my eyes wide open, absorbed it. Waves of air pierced my body, sending tendrils of cool into my over heated insides.

I burst forth into being. Nothing new yet so different.
My ears though still ringing, picked up little sounds, not distinct just a cacaphony, a chaos of voices. But really, I didn't hear them, I felt them, they vibrated around and through me.

My eyes focused on nothing and everything. A layer of multitudes, colors so bright moved up, down and all around me.

Smells, I didn't know how to distinguish the smells, some putrid, some like the earth, some sweet as honey.

I was tired now. I clung to my precipice and took in my surroundings. My legs were so thin and spindly but, they were strong. They clung, they hung, suspended, I stretched them.

Feeling the vibrations in the air, I knew it was time to move. I shook my body free of my tomb... Stretched out my black and blue wings, then flew away.


The End

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