What if you were trapped underground for what felt like centuries unable to die because of a curse? What if all you could think about was getting revenge on the one that did that to you? What if the betrayal of your own twin was the one who got you caught? What would happen if the seal keeping u there was broken? Well that is about to happen, and everyone is going to pay.

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                                                      Chapter 1


Men in grey surround me in a circle chanting curses as I lay on the muddy ground too exhausted to move. Their voices get louder and my head moves left to right in an effortless attempt at stopping them. The earth cracks and pulls me under, the darkness swallows me. This is where I stay, years go by my rage turns into revenge; it's all I think about, fantasize about. My sister Alice is the source of my vengeance, for she is the one who betrayed me.




Alice stood next to me waiting for the signal. I search the horizon looking for the flare of light. 'There' I think. Signaling to Alice we charge towards the town like we had done so many other times. We kill all and set the town ablaze. I see a young mother holding a baby; I can't seem to bring myself to kill her. Letting her go I walk over to Alice.

"It's done" she nods then walks away.

We leave to wreak havoc on the next town, and the next. Never thinking twice. Why do we do this? Because this is how we were raised, our mother was the leader of the coven. When father was murdered by humans she was never the same, her love turned to hatred for everything including Alice and I. we were raised by everyone except the ones who were actually meant to.

We were trained in weapons, hand to hand combat and such. But the main thing was how to survive. We adapted to every circumstance, taking information from others, tracking, deceiving. This was not the childhood we were ever meant to have.

"Katherine! We have to keep moving, they will be here soon."

I nod knowing she's right, the clan of hunters have been following us for weeks now. There fast but every time we leave a little present they have to stop and clean up the mess. Soon we will be home, there they cannot find us, or even if they do they will be dead in minutes.

It's been twenty-six years sense then, neither Alice nor I have aged, we probably look about nineteen, you can't be sure you haven't aged in fifty years. Were still babies in our world, but were stronger than most, nobody can explain it, most say it's because of who our parents are.

A war is coming between the us and the hunters, this will determine our fate in the world. 




Memories like this keep me going for what feels like a century, until the earth opens and I see a blinding light. Climbing out of the hole I await for my eyes to adjust. Looking around I see things that look vaguely like chairs, next to it a path of stone.

There's a man in a strange outfit, how could that armor keep you from being killed or protect you from the cold. He holds some strange contraption, bright as the sun. Slowly I emerge from my hiding place slaking towards him. He stops mid-stride, and shines the light on me.

Before he has time to comprehend what I'm doing, I launch myself to him pressing my mouth against his. He struggles at first but succumbs quickly. Draining him of information, I leave nothing left. The man collapses no longer breathing, for he no longer knows how to.

I pull in the knowledge, he wasn't very smart but he knew where we are at least. Central Park. This world has changed for the worse; humans have polluted everything with their filth. This is no concern of mine though, I must find her, Alice, and the others that put me in that hell.

I've been stuck in that agonizing place for.....four hundred years! Wait he was a ....police officer, that means others will be looking for him, I have to make it look like a heart attack. Placing my hand on his chest I squeeze softly, but just enough. I hear running footsteps approaching. Hmmm I can make this work.

"HELP someone! I think he had a heart attack!" There at us in seconds.

"Call 911 hurry!" and so on, humans sure do panic a lot. Quickly I'm bored out of my mind, so I decide to go see what a hamburger is. Walking across an uh street I believe it's called, halfway across I hear a defining noise before pain shoots through my body. A woman screams in the distance, I lay on the freezing cold ground. Slowly I get to my feet, something is pushing my body down looking I see hands. Shrugging them off I stand, only to collapse back down.

A warm body catches and lifts me up. 

"Come on, don't close your eyes, stay with me" he keeps chanting. Groaning I try pushing away from him but he holds tight. Giving up I lean against him, darkness threatens to take over my mind. Tears stream down my face at the thought of going back to that place, being alone for so long.

"Where's it hurt? Can you move?" i actually begin clinging to him, I feel so pitiful but I can't go back.

"This is taking too long, I'm just going to put you in my car, ok? We will have to just go to the nearest hospital, and what are you wearing..." he seems to be running as he says this, shaking me in the process. He opens a door and puts me in roughly, I should beat him for that but I can't move.

"Hey stay awake were almost there just a couple minutes" wait no I can't go there, the hunters may already know I'm out, they could find me.

"No hospital"

"What, yes you need a hospital, now!"

"No, I'll be fine, no hospital."

"I won't be responsible for you if something happens"

"You hit me, no hospital"

"Fine what do you want then?"

"Not sleep"

"Yea you probably have a concussion so were back to the hospital"

"Stop the car"


"Now" he sighs but obeys

"You know what fine damn it fine" he stops abundantly, throwing me forward and slamming me into the seats.

"Crap, were going to my place"

"K" I say curling up in a ball trying to protect myself from this death trap. He mumbles a lot while he drives something about internal bleeding.

Oh well, now how am I going to find her, she could be anywhere, and how the hell did I end up here? She probably didn't leave the immediate area, considering what she did; she probably would want to make sure I never got out.

That pegs the question, how did I get out? No that's not it, who let me out, that curse should have lasted for double the time it did. I can probably track her, but how will I find the hunters. The ones who did it are dead now, that is a fact, but there are others, there will always be others. They will pay for what they've done, and there will be no mercy.


The End

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