After coming out of a seven year coma, Coby finds that when he falls asleep, he can walk the Path to the Otherworld.


Something was different today. Coby was almost sure that he could hear a faint, regular bleeping. There had simply been silence for the longest time, and he welcomed the sound. He couldn't truly remember a period when there had been sound, but he knew that it had existed, even if the memory constantly eluded him. The bleeping continued, steady, and he began to count. He finally had some measure of time.

Exactly thirteen hundred and seventy four bleeps later came the light. Before, there had been only darkness, the kind that had seemed inpenetrable and final; a veil that he couldn't lift. This light hurt to look at, but Coby stared all the same. It was the first thing he had seen in what felt like forever. He wished the light closer, and suddenly it seemed to be in front of him, shining like a lighthouse in the night. It almost felt warm.

More lights began to appear, dim at first, but growing in intensity. These joined with the first light, combining to create what felt like a sun, becoming brighter and warmer as each bleep sounded. Coby's vision turned from black to white, and he smiled thinly. Anything was better than the darkness.

The End

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