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It is important to understand even those most basic contexts to understand our current problems. If I had been asked to tell you this story fifty years ago, I would have broken a billion religious hearts. And that is assuming anyone even believed me. We were wrong about everything; but at the same time, we were all very correct. Especially about evolution. Once we all understood ourselves and each other, everything became clear.

Humans have been on this planet for only 200,000 years, a blink of an eye compared to the billions of years that came before. However primitive the first humans were, our new knowledge tells us that there was much to be understood than we previously thought. But humans didn’t talk together, work together, or play together all until 50,000 years ago. What must that moment have been like? The first time one human being looked at another human being and actually saw them with a feeling of positive regard, or any other higher level emotion, something other than a primal instinct. Did more lights start coming on instantly? Was a word suddenly formed? An embrace? A kiss? A battle? Imagine the feeling that would come the next morning upon waking from a dream of the hunt when one hunter would realize that information could be given to another about a new idea or hunting skill. We took these things for granted even when I was a small child. It’s only been 20 years since we began to truly understand how quickly those moments can change the world. What if that switch in our brains had never been flipped?  

Tens of thousands of years later, after fierce battles for territory and hunting grounds, the building of primitive communities and cooperatives, relationships between humans became seasoned and information was passed down to future generations, essentially flipping brighter and brighter switches as each new age began. These children grew up and had new thoughts and insights and then finally someone looked up, away from himself and those things around him, and decided that something else was in control of some things, and then perhaps he looked down at his dead child and decided that the two were connected. Life after death. Imagine where we would be if the “god” switch had never been flipped. Would we have saved ourselves any pain?  
The thing with control and that place we went after death. We decided over generations and across cultures what the truth was about whom or what those were. Now that we have the answer, we take it for granted at times and I become very angry when I see that happen in the youngest of you. Because if we had known 5000 years ago what we know now, countless lives would have been spared throughout the ages.  
In the later days of religion, we could feel ourselves changing, but we didn’t recognize or comprehend what was actually happening. For thousands of years human beings had worshipped something. But in the 20th century, in the sixties especially, religion (at least in general and on the surface) was trying to make the leap, to flip the “one answer” switch on. Now we know it was an evolutionary switch and it was just a little too high up on the wall to reach. I myself struggled with what was true and what must be trusted. I was a seeker. I was a damaged seeker who spent more time trying to distract myself than I did actually seeking. But I tried. I always felt the answer was just around the corner. I would meditate and explore my mind for solutions and theories, just as so many did in those days.  But then I would turn away and re-enter life, work, responsibilities, ambitions, dreams.  
Many of us believed there was something higher than us; in fact, the vast majority of the human race believed in something or another. There were also many who did not. They did not believe in anything unseen or unexplainable. Those poor souls suffered the most in 2012. It was painful to watch many of them attempt to grasp what was difficult for even those of us with a foundation of spirituality to comprehend.  
But on the day it happened to me, my mind was taken back to the first true human conversation about meaning and life and the future. The first sense that two humans had that they were going in the same direction, with each other and they needed each other, wanted each other, even after death. That was my first thought when I awoke, that my life in this body and after it leaves, depended on every single other person on the planet. It was life changing, terrifyingly painful and at the same time wondrous and amazing.

The End

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