Awaiting Those Golden Years

I sit and stare out the window, awaiting those golden years. Rain again? I leave the window slightly open, just to take it in. The cloud's tears patter in through onto the windowsill and accumalate to form a sad little puddle. I shake my head and brush it aside. I don't want any more tears. 


I sigh, one day it will work out, one day I will make it straight. Like a baseball game, I have hit a home run and I am sprinting the length of the pitch to grab that whole one point that I have been striving for. However there are obstacles in the way, men try to bring you back down to ground and throw that opportunity away. You have to be careful, as I stride over first base and onto second base. I run head down, teeth gritted, can I make it to third? This is when wishful thinking becomes true, you can make it true, if you belief in yourself. Unfortunately you have taken a battering from those men trying to keep you from that final base. Dirty foul play, one tries to trip you, one tries to dive in front of your way.  It's dirty dirty foul play. 


Third base is coming into site after you have stumbled your way through the past few yards, each foul play being more outrageous and aggressive than the one before. However your goal is in sight. You close your eyes and picture what it feels, smells even tastes like, it's glorious. It's a sweet scent of victory. A beatific smile broadly spreads across you face. You have fought through the last few yards but it was your journey and now here is your reward all sparkly and clear ready to seize you. Not an ounce of dirt from the filthy baseball pitch has touched your reward. It glows, it's beaming at you, awaiting for you to grasp it. The bright warm light heals those hurt eye's and it slowly warms them. It clears your head and your whole body. Like a spirit, it has released you from this  world, made your feet light and has invigorated your bones. Bird's chirp, the sky is clear blue. Everything in this picture you have imagined is beautiful.  You have made it, you have finally made it.


Another raindrop falls on my head and awakes me. I stare outside. It is still dark and gloomy. This doesn't phase me, I have that picture in my head and no-one can take that away from me. No-one. So I take another deep sigh, lean back.  


I smile. 


The End

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