Awaiting DawnMature

Horror story, expect gore and mature themes!

A normal, quiet town, a normal high school. When the small community of Oak Hills is hit by crisis, can student Sarah Lewis survive the onslaught?

The Beginning

I laughed, letting the carefree sound bubble out like champagne from the deep inside. It was late summer, the afternoon stretching out-seeming endless. I was surrounded by a group of friends and it was one of those priceless moments where everybody was smiling and chatting happily, the setting sun giving us all blazing golden halos. The park was practically deserted as we meandered across, in no hurry, no destination in mind. I laughed again at some joke, spinning around. Far-off, we could see a couple walking their dog, children playing and an old woman feeding the birds. School was next week, an age away and there was nothing to darken our late-teen horizons. The world was at our feet on that golden afternoon.

The group collapsed on the edge of the park, where it blended with the forests that essentially surrounded our little town. I flopped down next to one of the guys, we were all comfortable enough with each other, and we joked as one of the couples went off into the forest, followed by a couple of wolf whistles. The warm light was soaking into my skin and I found my eyes closing, my thoughts drifting peacefully. The atmosphere was comfortably happy, a group of friends that couldn't be broken apart by anything. We had survived all the teenage dramas life could throw at us and we were about to enter our final year at the school. After then, we would scatter to the corners of the country, and further, the world ours to conquer.

"Nice dream there Sarah?" One of the guys poked me in the ribs playfully. I opened my eyes lazily.

"Yeah, wanna find out what it was?" I replied cheekily, poking my tounge out at him suggestively.

Laughter all round, interrupted by screams and yells from the forest. The couple came stumbling out a minute later, horror etched into their features. We eventually got them to calm down and the story spilled out. Corpses in the forest. Blood.

"Its a fucking slaughter." The guy said, deeply shaken.

We all sat up and took note of this. He was one of those guys who never seemed fazed by anything and outright laughed at some horror movies. He was the one who was always relaxed in every situation. He'd never lost it before.

"Let's go check it out and make sure it isn't just some stupid prank." I said, getting up.

There was murmured assent and a handful of us got up. The girl shook her head wildly, blonde hair flying. "No way. No. Freaking. Way. I'm not going near that place again." She was close to tears.

Her boyfriend hugged her tightly. "I'll take you lot." He said eventually.

"Take care of her." He muttered to one of the others staying in the park, they nodded, saying stuff like "Of course." and "No need to ask there."

It wasn't very far into the woods, just deep enough for no one to see from the town.

"Just round there." The guy said, pointing. His hand trembled slightly. "Through the trees... You sure as hell can't miss it."

We all smiled reassuringly as he hung back, then morbid curiousity took over. There was a sickly-sweet smell in the air, like you get in hospitals sometimes. It was the smell of infection and death. A pair of the tougher lads were in front and rounded the corner. A split-second later, they span away, retching and coughing. I rounded the corner for myself and the sight greeted me like a blow to the stomach. Tears came to my eyes as acrid bile rose in the back of my throat. Coughing, I also stumbled away, though the sight was seared onto the inside of my eyelids.

It looked at first glance as though someone had let a can of paint explode. Splatters of red, drying to a dark blackish colour, were sported by all of the treest and bushes, some still dripping in a faint, stomach-churning imitation of the aftermath of a thunderstorm. A more accurate description would be that people exploded in that clearing. Body parts were strewn across the forest floor and some were draped in the trees. Internal organs hung like Frankinstein's bunting across the clearing, glistening as the last rays of light caught the tops of the trees. Flies were already starting to gather as chunks of flesh could be seen wedged in branches. The lower part of someone's leg poked almost comically out of a rabbit hole, save for the large bite that exposed the bone, leaving rivulets of blood trickling towards the ground. In the centre of the clearing, a large spike had been deliberately planted. Three heads had been speared onto it, their eyes accusing us with their glassy stare. As I stumbled away, realisation struck me.

"Ohmygod." My voice came out more like a wimper as I slid shakily down a (clean) tree, grasping the rough bark for support.

"Sarah?" One of the first lads had recovered a little and noticed that I couldn't move.

"I know one of them." My voice was shakey and an octave higher than normal. "I-I know her! That girl.. she.. I.." Suddenly I broke down into bewildered sobs.

"Hey, hey" He wrapped me in a strong embrace and I clutched his arms desperately. "It's alright. Come on, lets get away from this and we'll call the police or something. They can take it from there right?"

I nodded, feeling numb. The girl's face haunted my vision as he helped me out. If only I could remember her name.

The End

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