"Where am I?" she calls out to the wind, "Mom?" Hearing her voice, a tiny man peeks around a nearby willow tree to stare at her. The girl spins around slowly, the tall grass rustling against her jeans. Seeing how lost she is, the man reluctantly makes his way across the meadow towards her.

His movement in the grass catches her eye immediately, and she begins to back away. Faster and faster the movement approaches and she drops into a crouch, ready to bolt. But just as she is about to run, a small head pokes out near her face in the grass. "Um, you look a tad lost. Do you need help, or...?" the head mutters halfheartedly.

The girl screams as loud as she can, and the wee man plugs his ears against the high pitch shriek. "Calm down, girl! Quit acting the maggot and start acting like a sane person," he complains, "This is why I hate dealing with women." 

Immediately, the girl grows deathly quiet and stands up, staring down at the little man. Noticing her anger, he rolls his eyes. Not a feminist, not again. But as he prepares to recite his apology, he hears a small and furious voice.

"Did you just call me a maggot?"

Momentarily shocked, the man stutters, "Oh nno, it's ssimply an expression, it's just...oh bollocks, girl." He takes a step back and prays that she won't kick him. Why does everyone kick me?

"Excuse me?" she says, crossing her arms and smirking down at him, "My name is not 'Girl'." Crossing his arms as well, simply to annoy her, he retorts, "Who ever said that I care to know your name...girl?" Taken aback, she uncrosses her arms and turns on her heel. "I'm leaving," she announces, "I'm not going to waste time being ridiculed by a dwarf."

"Hey, I resent that!" he calls to her back as she walks away across the meadow. Realizing that she isn't planning on turning around, he sighs. I can't just let her wander off. "Look, you can't just walk away," he shouts as she grows further and further away, "Um, you must be hungry! Right?" At this, she stops. Turning around, she hollers back, "Why would you care?" 

Realizing that there's no going back, he groans inwardly. "I don't! But my wife will kill me if she finds out I left you here alone. Besides, the sun is starting to set and it's going to be flooded with mosquitos out here." Obviously considering his offer, she stares at him. I don't have much of a choice, now do I? "Fine, I'm coming!" she replies, walking back toward him, "But I can't just go home with a stranger!"

Rolling his eyes, he turns around and begins to walk back in the other direction. "The name's Indur," he calls over his shoulder, "There, now I'm not a stranger anymore. Now come along!"

She trudges along behind him, a slight smile on her face.



The End

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