Avoiding Catastrophe

just a little triumph on a typical day :)

"It is so hot out!" I exclaimed loudly, banging my desk.

I could almost hear Haylie roll her eyes over the phone. "It's only ninety out, Kay," she informed me. "It is summer."

"Says the girl who's wrapped up in a blanket because she left the air conditioning running while she was on vacation." Now I rolled my eyes. "Well, I can't stand it," I announced, pushing the chair back. "I need ice cream."

"You know it's almost dinnertime, right?" Haylie reminded me.

"Oh, it's no big deal. Mom's still working and my dad's outside." I journeyed into the kitchen and got the box of chocolate ice cream from the freezer. Perfect.

I scooped it into a dish, added a spoon, and rested in a kitchen chair to enjoy my break from the heat. Haylie and I chatted for a little longer, just saying whatever popped into our heads. Even after being best friends since first grade, we rarely run out of things to say.

Suddenly, I saw someone on the porch, moving toward the front door. The huge window that connected the kitchen to the porch would easily let my dad see me eating ice cream when it was almost suppertime. Major uh-oh.

"Aw, crap," I whispered, glancing at the uneaten ice cream in my bowl. Another quick glance out the window told me that he hadn't seen me yet but was proceeding toward the door with alarming speed. I figured I had about ten seconds.

Acting on pure instinct, and possibly some sense, I snatched up the bowl and darted down the hallway and into my room like I was on fire.

"What's wrong?" Haylie asked. Remembering her, I muttered a quick good-bye and hung up, making a mental note to call her back. I deliberated on what to do. I was sure Dad was inside, so it was risky. Barely thinking it through, I gobbled down the ice cream and stashed the bowl in my dresser. After sauntering into the kitchen, I realized Dad had left.

"Typical," I muttered to myself. Dad wasn't anywhere in sight, so I sighed and got the bowl from my room and headed toward the kitchen sink to wash it. I added the ice cream scooper and had just put the soap on the cloth when I heard a sound that made my stomach drop.

"Hey, kiddo," my dad said cheerfully.

"Oh," I said, trying to act natural, "Hi, Dad." I snatched up a plate and scrubbed, trying to appear absentminded.

"Whatcha doing?" he asked, noticing the sudsy dishes.

"Nothing," I said, quickly. He glanced up at me. "Just thought I'd do some dishes. I'm not busy." Bonus points!

"Really." He sounded suspicious, so I smiled angelically.

"Uh-huh," I said sweetly.

"Alright, then." Dad said, either buying it or pretending I didn't seem too innocent. "Keep it up."

"Sure." He headed out, then I put everything where it belonged, bowl and all.

Hah, I thought, smiling. Catastrophe succesfully avoided. Piece of cake.

The End

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