Something I'm often scared of/ wondering about is if many authors ACTUALLY feel life. This is rather critical of someone I know, but it's something I've always wanted to tell them. Writing is that media, and so I have.

You’ll stand there,

With perfect hair,

You’ll take a breath,

With all that’s left.

And you’ll dictate

All your hate.

And that love,

Like you’ve had enough.

But I know it’s false.

You’ve not felt it.

You don’t know.

It’s what another author

Wrote. An emotion you’ve

Not felt. But you’ll write

It. You’ll tell us you

Know and we’ll

Believe it.

Smile as we relate. But if

We could write,

We’d be writing

The truth.

For your closed door,

May avoid distraction,

But you’ve avoided



The End

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