Haru soared through the clouds, her wings catching the up-drafts with ease. She flapped lazily, coasting on the warm air currents. Just then she spotted several specks flying towards her a speed. She grinned and increased her speed. As she got closer and closer it became obvious that these were people akin to her. They had wings. At the front of the loose formation was a boy with messy, over-long brown hair and fair, freckled skin. Behind him were a boy with big, bright blue eyes and black hair, a little darker skinned boy with an afro of black hair, a blonde girl and a red-head girl, and last but not least, a fair, white-blonde boy, who only looked about five.

" Haru!!! Haaaaaaru!" He called excitedly, swooping into her outstretched arms.

"Hey Kit! I missed you! Did ya miss me?" She murmured as he buried his little head in her arms.

" I missed you THIIIS much!!" He said motioning with his arms. Haru smiled. The boy with the brown hair gave a little cough. Haru looked up and laughed. She let go of Kit and flew toward him throwing her arms around him.

" I missed you a whole lot babe.." He whispered, " Don't ever leave again!"

" I missed you too Danny. But we both know it was necessary." He sighed and pulled her in, giving her a kiss.

" I know, but that doesn't mean i have to like it."

" Yeah.. Hey Isaac, hey Emmett, hey Liza, hey Penny!" The other kids all smiled and crowded 'round in a group hug. Both Haru and Danny were 14, Emmett was 11, Liza 10, Isaac and Penny were both 8 and Kit was 5. Their little family was always looking for a place they could stay, a place where they would be safe. There were always people clamoring for a piece of winged-kid. But they were safe together. They always would be. As they searched for a place to stay the night, Danny asked: " So Haru. Mission accomplished?"

The End

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