Haru circled above the pair calmly. They would soon leave for their house on the outskirts of the city. But first she had to make sure the little girl had not seen her. Reaching out with her mind, she brushed the little girl's conscience. Sophia. Her name was Sophia. She searched Sophia's recent memories swiftly. She withdrew with a muttered curse. It had been so close! She could not afford to be so careless again. Next time there may not be an anxious relative to save her from discovery.

She dropped back down to the woods, wanting to make sure the girl did not think up any far fetched ideas as to how she had gotten away so fast. Once she touched the floor her wings began to shrink back into her skin until all that was left was two little wing shaped marks on her back which glowed white for a few moments before turning an inconspicuous brown color that blended well with her golden skin. Pulling her elbow length black hair into a pony tail, she retrieved her bag and fled from the woods at an inhuman speed. Once she came back into sight of the little girl and her mother she slowed considerably to the pace of an average jogger and ran past. She was still in her school uniform but she hoped they would not notice or wonder why she was jogging in her school skirt. Once she had whizzed past the pair, who were walking at a slow and aimless pace, she looked around for a way back to the woods. She had to fly, had to run. It was safe here no longer.

The End

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