The prologue to my story. I have not thought of the whole plot yet, just that it will be about the nameless girl featured in this chapter.

Sophia watched the girl as she walked to the middle of the clearing. She was sure the girl had not seen her. She had been playing in the clearing when she had seen the older girl coming and had ran to hide in the bushes. She edged back, wincing as branches rustled and snapped all around her. But still the girl did not notice. She seemed to be deep in concentration, her face set in a frown of either pain or anger, Sophia couldn't tell.

She vaguely knew the girl. She lived just a few streets away. Sometimes, Sophia saw her when she was walking with her mum to school. The girl was always alone when Sophia saw her, with a heavy bag on her back and the turquoise school jumper of Lakewood Secondary school and six-form center around her waist. Often her black school tights would have a hole in them. Sophia would smile at the girl, but the girl never smiled back. Sophia wondered why.

"Sophia! Sophia? Oh where has that child got to?" it was her mother. She sounded worried. Sophia dashed toward the sound of her mothers voice without hesitation. When she reached the edge of the woods she looked back into the clearing. She gasped. The girl was gone! Gone in a flash. How was it possible? The girl had been there just seconds ago! Sophia had seen her when she was running, just from the corner of her eye. But she had been there! The clearing was quite large, the girl could not have got away so quickly! Sophia worried for a moment, but then she sighted her mother standing a little ways down the road from her. She ran up, panting slightly.

"Sophia! Why did you go off like that? The woods are dangerous! Oh and now look! You have got mud on your just washed school skirt!" Her mother sighed.

"Sorry mummy! I didn't mean to worry you! Its just that mr. bear-" she brandished the teddy which she clutched in one hand "- wanted to see the woods! See if any bears live in the woods. Y'know wild ones! An' anyway, I'm nearly eight, i can look after myself!" Her mother chuckled and scooped her up, murmuring: " What on earth am i going to do with you, eh? All grown up and you're not even eight! Seeing as you're such a big girl now, you won't need me too cut the crusts of your sandwiches anymore, now will you?"

"No, no!" Sophia protested. " Course i do! Course! Silly mummy!"

They were both so preoccupied that they did not notice the extra-ordinarily large bird circling above them. Circling as if it were.. waiting.

The End

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