"... See there's this place in me where your fingerprints still rest, your kisses still linger, and your whispers softly echo. It's the place where a part of you will forever be a part of me."

                                              -Gretchen Kemp



Summer had burned into a restless Fall of sent letters and received messages that would work in awakening me better than coffee. The leaves fell in the city like as if they knew of my romance slowly drifting away into a memory. The cars, they didn't stop to let me pass, dazzled by the sensation that I had so nearly forgotten, and the sun still shone brightly despite my urging for a different kind of warming sun.

The Fall gave way to freezing nights of winter nothingness, where not even my heart could heat me. One less letter a week brought my energy down and I no longer awaited any sort of snowfall to bury my once romantic past. 

I had started at the University of Toronto in early September and my parents and Angela had given me tearful hugs and lonesome goodbyes as I began my route to a new life. I had whispered a goodbye to Alex back in Pueblo shortly after we had admitted our feelings to each other and had written him countless letters and emails. 

But now, when the second semester was about to begin and winter was in full swing, I began to feel the shiver of solitude that I had fought so hard against. One less letter a week from Alex; one less email a day, meant that he was slowly forgetting what we were. 

I walked through the crowded hallway of my residence, my shoulder bag strapped tightly against me. I had cut my hair shorter because I had wanted a fresh start and I had tried smiling more often when someone talked to me. Up ahead my roommate, Lisa, was closing the door to our dorm room and I smiled at her.

"Hey," I said and she smiled when she saw that it was me, her brown hair swung in a bob as she glanced over at me.

"Hey, I'm just going to the library, lots of catching up to do." She said and I nodded in agreement. She was taller than me, but then again, most people were. Her smile was experienced and her blue eyes twinkled with excitement. "Oh, I forgot to tell you! You have a visitor."

My heart thumped loudly against my ribcage. "A visitor?"

"Yeah," she smiled, somewhat impressed. "He's cute Ave, nicely chosen."

With a wink she was gone into the chaos of the hallway behind me and I rushed over to our room. The door was unlocked and I pushed on it anxiously. 

I could barely breathe as I saw the outline of a man sitting on my bed watching my TV. His blond curly hair was tightly curled against his head and his lean back was curved slightly forward as he observed the show that he was watching. I gasped and he turned around suddenly, surprised by the sound and his brown eyes crinkled up as he smiled.

"Surprise!" He quietly said. "I've been accepted into the University of Toronto, I start this semester... .which I think is less than a week away so you have a lot of tour guiding to do. I'm sorry I wrote less, I was busy with the whole packing and moving thing."

I ran over to him and hugged him before he could say anything else. I felt him hold me tightly, silently promising to never let me go.

"Alex." I whispered.

The End

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