Two Different Worlds


Dad barely gave us a minute to get dressed. 

By the time that he had returned I was still in the bed with the covers up to my neck and Alex wore just his shorts, his shirt was wrinkled in his hand. His blond curls were slightly frizzled from the night and his mouth was set in a straight line, impossible for me to read. 

The moon lit the room eerily as I watched him pause in front of the door where my dad had reappeared. He had his business face on that meant how serious he was when he said, "Out."

Alex did one quick glance back at me, apologies painted on his face before leaving, shortly after I heard the closing of the front door. 

"Avery Jones," my dad began and by the way he spoke my full name I could tell that I was in deep. 

"Dad," I countered his seriously pissed-off voice. "It just happened, okay?"

"Is this why you didn't want to come with us tonight?" He chose to ignore my statement. "To let this beach town boy into our house?"

"No dad, I told you, it just happened." I felt anger seeping into my body and I added. "And what do you mean by beach town boy?"

"You know exactly what I mean." His voice was calm, threatening. Where was my mom? Maybe she could calm him down.

"No actually, I don't." 

"You are my daughter and I am a very important man in the business world." 

"That's great dad. For you, but this has nothing to do with you." It took a lot for me to answer patiently, I didn't like this game of guessing.


"God dad, he saved Angie and he's kept me company during this long, boring summer vacation that I didn't even want to come on!" I had to control my temper and yelling wasn't going to help.

"--you are too young for this type of relationship, you were raised in a successful family and I will not have you disrespecting my home by seeing you naked in bed with--"

"You don't know him dad! He is the best--"

"--some boy that you just met. It isn't right, I think your mother would agree with me if you never--"

"--thing that has happened to me since Jacob."

"--see him again."

We both stopped at the same time. We both understood each other's last words. 

"You can't do this to me dad." I begged now, my voice low.

"I can Avery, and I will." His tone was final. During the argument he had walked over to the bed and had sat down where Alex had been only minutes before. "I don't want you to ever see him again."

I shook my head, tears beginning to form in my eyes and I couldn't recognize the stranger in front of me. This was not my father.

"We will stay here until the end of August like we planned and you will be coming with us on all trips that we decide to go on from now on." He looked down and saw the indentation on the pillow from Alex's head. "Then we will go back home and things will be better, trust me Ave." He reached out to pinch my cheeks like he'd always done, but I turned my face away.

"I love you Ave, I'm trying to teach you the right thing. He is from a different world than us, and he crossed the boundary line." I didn't look at him as he sighed and ignored the footsteps coming towards the room. 

"Was that Alex?" My mom asked quietly.

"Oh Ave, you should have told me!" Angela's tiny voice echoed after my mother's. "He is so much fun mommy!" 

I didn't look at any of them. 

"Ave, it's late, I want you to go to your room." I felt the shift in the mattress as dad lifted himself up. "Tomorrow's going to be a long day."

"I hate you." I blurted out without thinking, tears in my eyes.

But there was no one to listen, everyone had all ready gone leaving me alone, like always.

The End

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