His Apology


I had tried to appear relaxed as I prepared the tea and nanaimo bars. Luckily, before setting out to the beach to wait for a miracle to happen I had set the teapot with enough water for two. Just in case. 

He had self-consciously walked into the kitchen and though I am sure he couldn't see me doing so, I was seeing his every move out of the corner of my eye. But now, after so much explaining and after my ruthless tears escaped me, he was kissing me. The storm outside was violently comparable with our first kiss: we both knew how badly we had wanted this. 

"I'm sorry," he kept muttering in between his breathless kisses and I just nodded pulling him closer. At the moment I never wanted to let him go, a feeling that I hadn't felt in a long time; a feeling that had never been as powerful as this. Not even Jacob had pulled me into the moment of us like Alex did. 

Time warped us in and I barely noticed that Alex had pulled me up on the marble counter, after pushing aside the nanaimo bars. The steam from the green tea filled cups tingled on my skin as Alex introduced himself to my neck. Yet again we were moving and I wasn't letting the movement disconnect me from the moment. 

The lights were off in the room that Alex had brought us into. My mind was foggy and I faintly noticed Alex removing his baggy shirt. My fingers ran through his thick blond curls and I let our world swallow me whole, the darkness was enticing and the freedom of our love was nearly suffocating. 


The End

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