A Moment in the Rain


She had looked so surprised when she saw me standing here in the rain. My skin was covered in goosebumps, but the look on her face had quickly made me forget my cold skin and my worry that she would be angry with me.

Now I held her in a silent dance under the crying night sky. I knew that she was still holding something in from the sad faraway look that she would often get when she thought I wasn't looking, and I wanted her to be able to trust me. I wanted to make sure that she didn't need to be sad anymore. I know I haven't been a saint by keeping my own secrets from her, including my family, but she would meet them soon enough. 

The idea that her body close to mine would not be a permanent forever made me hold her closer. If I was cold I didn't care, I would let her warm my heart. Her hair was becoming wet from the rain and the smell of shampoo and everything Avery teased my nose. 

I couldn't let her go, I wouldn't.

I let the tune of rain pull us into this emotion's embrace. Sucking us deeper in the quicksand that we would never escape. I introduced our own rhythm and she followed it by swaying at the proper times and holding me just as tightly as I held her. 

Avery's soft tears nestled my neck and I held her there, promising to never let go. Even if this summer was temporary, even if forever didn't exist for us. This was all ours, no one else could ever steal our moment.

"Happy birthday," I whispered, wishing that this would not be our only one spent together.

The End

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