Moonlit Memories


Claire rubbed her blue eyes and I could see that they were red. I hadn't talked to her since she had left after Christmas back to school in California. Her blonde hair was pulled up in a casual ponytail and her thin lips quivered after what I had told her. She looked tanned all ready, probably from the California sun, and her makeup was slightly running around her eyes from crying.

"But you don't understand," she was saying to me, I could sense that her voice wouldn't be able to stay at a low decibel. "That was last summer and I was drunk. Alex, you have to believe me, I've changed."

I could see the outsider looking at us talking and I held onto her eyes with mine. This is a mess, I wanted to yell out to everyone. Claire and I had dated for a few years, up until last summer when Drake came to Pueblo. The guys and I didn't understand how a guy like him could get the girls into such a frenzy. Maybe it was that mole he had just above his lip.

"Listen Claire," I finally said, not tearing my gaze from the outsider. "That was last summer, just let it go."

"No Alex, I can't just 'let it go'. You know why? Because I love you and I know that even though I hurt you, you still love me too."

When I didn't answer right away Claire nudged me. Hard. "Ow," I responded to her blow and she turned around to follow my gaze. 

"Look at her," Claire began oblivious to the fact that I all ready had been looking at her for the last five minutes. "She thinks that just because Amanda is talking to her that she is part of everything."

I didn't say anything.

"And look at how rude she was with you, do these outsiders have no manners?" At her words I instantly thought of what the rich outsider had said to me. "Seriously, I pity Amanda."

"Why?" I asked automatically. "She doesn't look like she's in pain."

"But she is," Claire assured me. "Must be horrible to feel the urge to befriend anyone who comes here with their tail between their legs."

I didn't pity the outsider. Heck, she annoyed me when she assumed that she was right in saying the things she said the last two times that we had met. But I also wouldn't have been as cruel as Claire, despite my attitude towards the outsider I could tell that a part of her was lonely. 

"Anyway," Claire said, automatically grabbing my attention again by hooking a finger on the collar of my yellow Adidas shirt. "I think you should just let the past be and let us continue, I promise that this time around we'll be twice as strong as before."

I grabbed her hand and pulled it away from my shirt. I ignored the stinging that I felt in my heart as I saw a small tear fall from her eyes. "No Claire." 

Before she could protest I walked away from her. Even with my back turned to her I could feel her staring. I could feel both of them staring. The outsider and my cheating ex-girlfriend.

The End

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